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A medical question

A young and ambitious fancier from Belgium sent me a mail asking if you can treat birds against canker and coccidioses on the same day or at the same time.

Such questions are far from dumb.

Also for humans such a thing is important to know.

One may have noticed that doctors also study on their pc the medicine that their patients take, since it is a fact indeed that some medicine may be taken together, others may not.

For pigeons or other animals it is the same thing.



As for trichomoniasis (canker) and coccidioses it is no problem at all to combine the treatment.

You eliminate 2 diseases together and it saves a lot of work if you treat birds individually, since you only have to grab them once to put them up a tablet against both canker and coccidioses.

Some champions do the same whenever they buy a bird or when a bird got home late from a race some days or weeks.

I even know about a champion that adds a tablet against worms (avicas) two weeks before the breeding season starts. So that is 3 tablets at a time.

The fact that he is a champion proves he should know what he is doing.

I told that to the young man and again he asked something that shows he is ambitious and wants to learn.



He had heard from fellow sportsman that birds will not get canker if you put apple vinegar with garlic in the water 2 or 3 days per week and now he wanted to know my opinion.

The answer is simple.

With garlic or apple vinegar you absolutely cannot cure birds that suffer from canker.

Therefore ronidazole or metronidazole (flagyl) is needed.

But' once the birds are absolutely free apple vinegar and garlic may prevent birds from getting infected, since the microbes have a hard time to survive in water with acids in it.

I know about several champions that used to treat their birds against trichomoniasis every months but they have changed their minds.

What they do now is medicate for a week before the breeding season starts and that is it.

The rest of the year they put apple vinegar (with or without garlic) in the water 3 days per week and their birds do not get infected any more.

Since many vets and scientist also advocate stuff that they do not sell themselves it is hard to imagine all those people are wrong.

Furthermore the good thing is that both vinegar and garlic is real cheap.

Amongst the champions that experienced the same thing is Andre Roodhooft.

Since a couple of years he treats his breeders once a year and apple vinegar does the rest.