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Ace Four Ever part 13 - In conclusion

Pigeon Fever: Ace Four               Part 13, conclusion


                                                                                              By H Simonsz


We started this series with the best pigeon of Belgium in 2013, the "Ad" from Marcel Wouters. The mother of the "Ad" was after all a fusion of the bloodline of Home Alone x daughter Ace Four. And we end this series in Belgium as well with the story of Fleur, often described as the best breeding hen in Belgium and daughter Ace Four.  



During the period of writing this series and gathering background information we came across so many success stories of the Ace Four and his family that it became impoissible to process it all.

In order to keep it practical, we have limited ourselves to describing a number of pigeons who, for us at least, had the best stories about them and who are still in the spotlight with very recent successes. The amount of informtation gave us simply no other choice.

But besides the best cock of the Netherlands, the best hen of the Netherlands (Verbree), a phenomenal lead flyer from Adre Roodhooft, the 1st prize winners from and by way of Ebben, the national toppers from the ex national Champion Knaven, the recent rise of v Laar, national winners with Rubens, Vanlint and van Oeckel, two National Ace pigeons from Pieper, the Sprint, Bubbels and other toppers with Verkerk, Favorietje from P v d Merwe and even Bolt the pigeon that cost 310,000 euro from Leo Heremans and so on, and so on, who all have a link with the pigeons

form Ad Schaerlaeckens, I would like to finish in the country in which we started, namely in the little town of Holsbeek in Belgium.           

That is where Jespers v d Wegen live.

Ad still cannot believe it. The results of his Ace Four family were real sensational. In the National Magazine
NPO he took a 3rd place when fanciers from all over the country were asked who was the best racer of all time in Holland.

I myself totally agree with the theory that the more top quality lead flyers there are in the pedigree, the higher the chances that you will breed toppers of them.

The successes of Jespers Vanderwegen come primarely from three, whether or not combined with each other, bloodlines.

- The "Bourges" line of Dirk van Dijck. "Bourges" is brother "Kannibaal".

- Next there is the "Fleur" line that they bough from Ad Schaerlaeckens out of the coupling Ace Four x Home Alone. 

- And lastly the line of the Bliksem from Vandenabeele.

I was impressed with the accurqacy with which they managed to combine the best bloodlines in the world, and of which they are now raping the rewards.



In 2005 Johnny telephoned Ad Schaerlaeckens on the off-chance that he could buy a few eggs or young birds from him.

It appe4ared to be the right moment.

Ant that time Ads racing loft filled to overflowing with top quality birds, mostly the children or grandchildren of Ace Four, his sister Supertje, the brother Home Alone and of course, nog to be forgotten "Invincible".

Johnny got some eggs from thse supper birds. One of them hatched a small spirite hen that would get the name Fleur.

Her father came out of Ace Four, the mother was a daughter of Home Alone.

So this was closely inbred since Home Alone is a son of Ace Four.

But no one was worried, these bloodlines could withstand inbreeding. Fleur would prove this in an unparalleled way. Fleur was mated with Kleinen Dirk (Son Bourges) and in 2006 they already produced two very special pigeons, one of which was the 500 hen, who would develop in a real super breeder.

F16, Natahlie, Belle Fleur, Petit Fleur and many other absolute miracle birds are children of this mating.

Jespers v d Wegen Belgium destroyed NATIONAL races with the offspring of birds that they
got from D v Dijck and Ad Schaerlaeckens


To get an early prize in the nationals in Belgium your birds must not only have real top form, you must have real super birds, otherwise you have no chance.

Nathalie, the daughter of Fleur from Ad Schaerlaeckens was 1st nominated bird for Bourges NATIONAL in 2007. She finished 8th against no less than 31,824 (!) pigeons. One year later her daughter was entered for national La Souterraine. She won 5th against 21256 pigeons. In the same year a bird called F16, also a daughter of Fleur would become the best young pigeon in Belgium in 3 national races.

He won for example: National Argenton 25.583 pigeons 6th and National La Souterraine 21,256 pigeons 8th.

National Bourges for young birds is THE race in Belgium.

In 2010 Johnny and Herman won, believe it or not, 2nd, 3rd and 5th National against 30,748 birds. Incredible.

The end National was a daughter of Fleur, the 5th National a granddaughter.

In 2011 a descendant of Fleur won 9th National Argenton against 20,000 pigeons.

In 2014 they won National La Souterraine yearlings 1st and 3rd (fastest of 16,449 contestants). Both descended from Fleur.


Invincible, bred and raced by Ad Schaerlaeckens. 2nd Best cock of Holland in 2000   


Ace Four has more than earned his place in pigeon sport history.

He, his brothers, sisters and other relatives can be classified as great breeding and

racing wonders.

As for us, we will end this extensive series with a deep bow to the Ace Four family and its breeder and racer: Ad Schaerlaeckens