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Belgians fastest in 2009

Belgian's best youngster in 2009


In 2009 the Belgians had a competition for National Ace youngsters for the first time.

A young cock (09-6047528) from a certain Ivo Leysen became the best of the whole country.

It was only raced from Quievrain (about 110 kms) and Soissons (about 210 kms) and it won the following prizes:

Quievrain 556 p ' 1

Quievrain 721 p ' 1

Quievrain 759 p ' 1

Quievrain 538 p ' 1

Quievrain 589 p ' 2

Soissons 1.836 p ' 15

Only one hour after it became known no bird in Belgium did better both the Ace and the parents were sold.



In winter Mr Leysen has no more than 23 birds total.

He has 5 old cocks (breeders) that all won a 1st prize at least. He does not race them, since he only races yearlings.

For 2010 he has, do not be surprised, 4 yearlings.

Once in his life, in 2008, he went to a vet to have his birds checked, since he did not trust their health.

'No condition but not sick either' the vet said, 'just have some patience'.

So no medicine was given and the vet turned out to be right. Only some weeks later the birds performed real well.

In 2009 no medicine at all was given.

For fellow fanciers who like pedigrees and strains I have some information that may interest them:

Leysen built up his family with birds that he got for free from Lauwers, Pauwels, Breugelmans, van der Eycken.

These are all completely unknown local fanciers.

Some interesting things about this man that races so well at short distance.




He starts training his babies in February when they are 2 months old (in Taiwan they do the same). He tosses them daily if the weather is not too bad, once the racing season has started he stops.

He starts at 500 meters; the furthest distance is 25 kilometres.

Last year he bred 9 cocks, 4 of them got lost from training tosses, so 5 were left of which one hit a wire. So he raced 4 babies (cocks) only amongst which the National Ace.


He only races young cocks that he mates with old breeding hens end of April. Most eggs are not filled (cocks too young) but that is no big deal. Thus they will get attached to their boxes and partners more easily.

Later on he races these cocks just like old widowhood cocks and before basketing he always shows the hens.


He only breeds one round since he hates many birds. Later on his breeding hens are mated with the young cocks.


Breeders may choose their partners but he sees to it that that will be another partner every year, preferably a crossing.


Before breeding in winter he does not light like others but that makes little difference. He feeds breeders with babies in the nest 5 times a day. Thus they will grow up better since they are pumped more regularly.


His young cocks must win 75% prizes (1:3) or they can go. 


His young cocks must train 2 times one hour per day and he likes cocks that fight themselves to death to defend their nest box. The National Ace was such a cock.  


There is no ceiling in his loft. In it you see the tiles and through the tiles you can even see the stars at night.


So far some details about the best young bird of ALL Belgium in 2009 and the breeder.

It is a blessing for pigeon sport that such a simple man with so few pigeons for which he never paid one penny still can beat the world famous names that sometimes breed 100s of babies a year.

It often happens that Leysen wins 2 prizes of the 2 birds he entered.

Others who win say 30 prizes from say 80 birds did far worse but do get all the attention.