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Brive 2010

The National long distance race from Brive in Belgium was kind of fair since early birds were clocked throughout the country. The distance is from about 650 to 800 kms. In the past it seldom happened that fanciers entered 10 or more birds for such races; but the times 'they are changing'.

To-day many hope to get some early prizes and publicity by entering masses of birds. But a great name or a big entry is no guarantee to success. Below you find the names of the fanciers who entered more than 25 birds and the number of prizes they won in the first 500. Very strange that none of those mob fliers managed to get a real good result.

Of course you must not judge the quality of their birds by the result of this one race only. MAYBE the birds lacked condition and MAYBE the result of their following race is better. But it is surprising for sure that none of those people with many birds in the race did better. Here we go. Naked figures that do not lie.

Yvan Eeckhout (Ronse) 1 from 30 birds

Chris Hebberecht (Evergem) 1 from 28

Gerard Labiau (Zegelsem) 1 from 63

Dhav'-Vandenabeele (Adegem) 1 from 34

Daisy Slots (Lede) 1 from 28

Luc Van Coppenolle (Ouwegem) 1 from 33

Andr' Vermote (Oostende) 1 from 26

Galle-Wijnants (Veldegem) 1 from 26

Denorre-Bogaert (Deftinge) 1 from 42

Howard Dedonder (Nukerke) 1 from 47

Wim Boddaert (Oostkamp) 2 from 33

Georges Carteus (Ronse) 2 from 28

Roger De Busschere (Lokeren) 2 from 29

Stephane Defoort (Maubray) 2 from 36

Hubert Debaene (Beernem) 3 from 44

Alfons Hendrickx en zoon (Berlaar) 3 from 30

Luc Van Hoecke (Oedelem) 3 from 32

Yvan en Gunnar Delrue (Bovekerke) 3 from 39

Michel Denijs (Handzame) 3 from 26

Patrick Desmet (Semmerzake) 3 from 32

Roger Reybroeck and sons (Melsen) 3 from 42

J P Van Kerkvoorde (Lovendegem) 3 from 30

Gabriel Van Overwaele (Michelbeke) 3 from 41

Jos Joosen Brecht 4 from 36

Derweduwen Zingem 5 from 62

Van Wildemeersch 5 from 54.