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Can anybody... ?

Can anybody?



Anybody tell me why so many people on the board of KBDB and NPO can't stop fighting?

It has always been like that and still is.

'Renovating' is a word seems to smell in pigeon sport.

Don't those fighting old timers realise that they have to set an example?

They complain that 'the outer world' does not respect our hobby, but how can we expect respect if we do not even respect our fellow sportsmen?

Can anybody tell me why those guys get such high salaries?

Talking about renovating, on the site of the KBDB I saw in November 2007 the planning for the race program for' 2005!

Are those people that you can find in fancy expensive hotels abroad (all paid by the common fanciers) too stupid, too ignorant or too lazy to update that site?



Anybody tell me why fanciers, especially in Holland, stopped pooling their birds?

Lack of money cannot be the reason.

They all keep far more birds than before as if the feed and transport cost are for free.

I find it a pity that there is no or little money in the sport today.

Pooling is fun and a good reason to keep pigeons for many people!



Anybody tell me why so many youngsters get lost nowadays?

In my childhood youngsters did not get lost even though many fanciers had no car to train.

If somebody wanted to race let's say 20 babies he bought 20 bands.

Now for many 100 bands are not enough to race 20 babies.

Apart from better training facilities such as better transport we got better feed, better feed additives of all kinds, better medicine, better vitamins and so on, to keep birds in good shape but in spite of that losses are dramatic and for some reason to quit.



Anybody tell me why it is especially the super birds that get lost in a smash?

I lost my best in the smash of May 19th 2007.

If my birds do not make it on the day I seldom see them again.

I wonder if it is in the family?

Mr V was probably the best racer in Holland in 2007 until' May 19th.

He had two wonder birds such as he had never had before.

On May 19th he lost 2 pigeons; the ones I am talking about, which' both descended from my loft.

In my Federation were 2 other birds with incredible performances.

The owners were so lucky as to get them home from the smash but later on those birds were not able to win a decent prize.



Anybody tell me why 'the whole world' still thinks the best pigeons are to be found in Hollandand Belgium?

Still in one loft races German birds often do better than Belgian or Dutch, especially in South Africa.

'That is because they enter their best birds and we do not' a seller said.

Come on!

The same guy participated in such a race with 4 birds, entry fee 1,000 USD each.



Anybody tell me why in Holland and Belgium there are no limits as for the entry?

Today 'the whole world' can find results of many races on the Internet.

If John won say 40 prizes and Peter say 3, John 'is the showman' and poor Peter is poor Peter.

However' if John entered say 200 pigeons and Peter only 3 it was PETER who deserves all the credits.

Fanciers that want to buy birds should first learn how to read results.



Anybody tell my why we do not manage to create equal chances as for National Championships and Ace birds?

In one Federation are 5 Middle Distance races, in another 15.

There was this pigeon that only won 1st prizes and a bird can't possibly do better than win. But' for the National Championship it was beaten by a bird that did not even win one first.  The reason is that a 4th prize against say 18,000 birds gets a better coefficient than a bird that won 1st from say 1,200.



Anybody tell me why birds from long distance races in Holland (not only 2 day races) get home so much better than those in Belgium?

Some Belgians say the Dutch enter much junk when they hear about the enormous birdage.

How then can races in Holland be closed so much faster?

Others say Belgians release birds of the whole country together whereas in Holland they release them in groups per province.

There is some truth in it.

In Belgium a National is a National which means that the birds of the whole Nation are released together.

On June 23rd 2007 however the Dutch also had a real National from Blois (500 kms).

This time all birds of the whole country (73,000) were released together, in half an hour the race was finished which means that 25% of the birds were home

I do not know about a Belgian National in which 25% of the birds were home in one hour.



Anybody tell me why some fanciers will never learn?

There was this guy that had bought 2 hens that he wanted to mate with his best cocks.

He had a little aviary made for the 2 pairs but after 2 months no eggs were laid yet.

How many times did I write that 2 pairs in one section do not work?

Furthermore his aviary was no good, since it was not covered up which is a must.

If an aviary is positioned against a loft so that birds can enter the loft if they feel like it a roof on top of the aviary is no big deal.

But it hurts if pigeons have no other choice than to sit in the open day and night and are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions.



Anybody tell me why the Dutch forbade young bird races further than 475 kilometres?

It is not fair to the birds they say and seem to forget that we had races from greater distances for decades without problems.

In Belgium youngsters can be raced from over 600 kilometres.

I live quite at the border and have a loft in Holland and Belgium. In Holland I cannot race from 475 kilometres, in Belgium I can from 620.

The Dutch also banned races in hot weather (30 Celsius) while on the same day we in Belgiumhad fast races without any losses in the same hot weather.



Anybody tell me why people that want my birds do not want them off my best? They prefer youngsters of old timers that are famous but lack vitality while it is generally known that younger birds give better babies.

People prefer inbreeds while it is also generally known that most good birds are crossings and off yearlings in many cases.



Anybody tell me why so many fanciers are like monkeys?

A while ago they were after Schellens pigeons, then after children Wittenbuik, 613, Kannibaal,Figo, and Kleine Dirk.

Today De Rauw Sablon is hot.



Anybody tell me why we have so many nightly arrivals from 2 day races?

In the past this was unthinkable.

The fact that birds fly into the night explains why some of the same fancier are classified at exactly the same second.

They get home at different hours in the night (the so called neutralisation time when birds are supposed to stay the night over) and are all classified at sunrise.

Due to this we also get those crazy velocities of 120 kilometres per hour (on the result sheets!) of races from 1.100 kilometres or more.

Of course the birds did not develop that speed. They just did not do what they were supposed to do, which means rest when the clock is stopped. (from dawn till sunrise).

Even A. S. understands that these kittens are hungry. But too many other things he does NOT understand. (Photo M Ku).  


Anybody explain to me how it is possible that I bred 2 fantastic nest brothers while the same parents never ever gave another good bird again?

Now you may understand my scepticism when I hear somebody say 'I bought a brother from ' for much money'.

A brother from?

So what?



Anybody explain to me about that stray bird that entered my loft?

The breeder lived nearby Brussels, 70 kilometres from my place.

From the first training toss from 5 kilometres it got lost.

The bird was reported and some weeks later it was tossed from the same distance.

Now it did not get lost but made it home after 2 days.

From the third training toss it entered my loft.

I called the owner who said he did not want birds that were too stupid to get home from 5 kilometres, therefore it was mine he said.

But what could I do with such a bird?

When a friend had to be in Brussels I asked him to take the bird with him and release it there. Within one hour it was back home.

That means it is in my loft, not in his where it belonged.

The bird did not find its way home from 5 kilometres but 70 to my loft in which it had only been for some days was no problem!



Anybody explain how it could happen that I had the 2nd best bird from Holland while it was ahead of the best of Holland in all races on provincial level?

I can but I cannot understand!



Anybody tell me why I still love this sport?