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Carteus teaches

Georges Carteus from Belgium has been a super champion at long distance all his life. In 2009 he ended 1st in the competition 'West European Super Marathon'.

He auctioned all his birds in 1981, twice he was visited by thieves who stole 72 inbirds in 2008 and later on another 52.

But still he was the man to beat at long distance in 2009, even on International level.

Is there a better proof that he is a real good pigeon man?

In magazine 'De Duif' he gave his thoughts about many aspects of the sport that we cannot ignore from such a superman. Some quotes from this champ.


Nobody knows anything about pigeons, nobody can tell if a bird is good or not.

The eyes of a bird mean nothing. People who claim they can grade pigeons by the eye I do not take serious.


He had 2 super breeding pairs in his career. They were the result of free mating as as the best racers he ever had.

Forming breeding pairs?

'Lol' he says.

Naturally you need good basic birds but good luck is also important to breed good birds. Therefore his breeders may choose their partners (same in my loft).

In practise the following thing nearly always happens:

In case you have a good racer only later you find out off which parents it was bred.

Georges Carteus, a superman who keeps things simple! 


Before the racing season he visits a vet. It seldom happens that something is wrong.

And medicate birds that are not sick makes no sense.

Medication or vitamins on the food or in the drinker will always upset the eating and drinking habits which should be avoided.

In 2009, which was his best year, he did not medicate at all, not even against canker.

The only medicine his birds got was a cure against paratyphoid with 'Cosumix plus' for 10 days.

The fact that his birds still race well at the age of 5 or 6 years is a proof he does not ruin them with medicine.


If the day after a hard race a bird refuses to get out of the loft for its daily loft training something is wrong and such a bird needs a rest.


Before the season old birds are tossed twice only and in between the races he does not go on the road with them at all.

Still training is important but he thinks loft training ( 2 x 1 hour) is sufficient.


His birds get as much food as they want and he does not believe in 'feeding them up' (give them 'stronger' feed') towards racing day.  


The floors of his lofts are covered with straw. Hygiene does not make the difference, quality birds in a good loft do!    


So far some hints from a real master. It is a confirmation of my idea about many fanciers: They make pigeon sport more complicated than it really is.