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Clearance time

The final Clearance


T is a pretty good friend of mine.

He is pretty pigeon crazy and purchased pretty many babies of pretty many famous

pigeons of pretty many famous fanciers.

But he is still what he used to be in this sport: A nobody.

This does not bother him very much. Hoe never wanted to become famous, what he has always wanted is just good birds.

But now that I am writing this, at the end of October, he has a problem.



On the Internet he sees that full brothers and full sisters of birds that he bought are sold for 10 times the price that he had paid.

He can live with that, but his problem is that he does not understand. The birds that he bought from those famous guys have overwhelmingly proven to be junk.

Not any of them managed to produce a baby that could win a decent prize.

They are even far worse than the shit that he already had before.

"Can you explain, he asked me."



My answer was positive:

My answer was that times have changed.

Long way back, before we had a pigeon program on our PC the good fanciers did not care much about pedigrees, since they knew too well also super birds produce junk. And the final destination of junk was the poulterer, regardless the origin.

But as I said: Time changed.

In the 60-ies and later we began to make pedigrees.

Later on we got PCs.

Still later on we got the internet and' foreign fanciers got an interest in our birds.

Nothing wrong so far if it were not that those foreigners had nothing else but the pedigree to grade birds.

And the fatal mistake they make is to think that good bird produce good birds only.

They think that a bird is a good bird because the brother or sister is good.

In short: They think too high about the pedigree.

Thank God it is not that simple.



It stands to reason that both Belgian and Dutch fanciers became aware of what was on the mind of foreign fanciers.

So what did they do, at least many of them?

At this time of the year, CLEARANCE TIME, they do not take their shit birds to the poulterer as they used to do, but they put them for sale on the Internet.

Thanks God my friend T is an optimistic guy by nature.

His favourite animation on youtube is "Three little birds" (animation) (Gilberto Gil) by Bob Marley.

Therefore he feels not sorry for the money he wasted but he is sorry for all those foreign buyers who will be in for another disillusion in future.