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Educational communication

A friend of a friend who lives in China had a problem.

I tried to help and since problems like his may occur world wide it may be helpful to you fanciers world wide.


Dear Ad,

My best friend has has a cock from 2001 that he said has E coli(green color) today.

Any idea what to do?


Dear Sissi

The REAL sickness is Adeno virose. E Coli is a secondary bacterial infection.

There are 2 types of Adeno; Adeno 1 and Adeno 2.

If it is type 2 the bird is lost and may die within hours.

Type 1 is the so called young bird disease, old birds are far less vulnerable so I am afraid it is type 1:

What often helps to overcome the virus is eliminate the secondary infection: Coli.

Belgian Dr Marien has very good stuff but this is not available abroad.

Also Cosumix, parastop (de Weerd), trimetroprim, Colistine and Baytrill may be helpful. 

Maybe the best thing is to treat the bird with Baytrill 10%, 2 drops per day, and start as soon as possible.

Typical symptoms of Adeno. If the bird
 does not stand up any more it will die.

The bird should get no feed at all for 3 days, of course the water must NOT be taken away. Elecytrolytes in the drinker may help.

If the bird is still alive in 3 days it will make it (not die).

If it does not stand on its feed any more it is lost. 

Tell your friend I feel sorry for him but shit happens; in life and in pigeon sport. .

Take care