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Embrechts Theunis second to none

Four Chinese fanciers plus their Dutch middle man were sitting in my veranda.

Every year they come all the way from China to buy pigeons and this time they had again bought 8 birds which they were going to take to the shipping company. But first they wanted to show them to me and hear my opinion.

I handled the birds and frowned.

In my opinion they were no good.

I did not want to spoil their day, nor did I want to lie. Those people were too nice.

Then one of them opened his case and showed me the pedigrees.

"Great names" I said.

But these guys were not stupid and felt what I wanted to say but did not say.

They trusted me and had bought the wrong birds they realised now. They had not come from so far to buy "great names" but to buy pigeons that could win races!

"You want me to be honest don"t you?" I asked.

They nodded.

"Okay" I said and wrote down the words "Embregts Theunis".

That is the name of a fancier I said. The middle man nodded and said:

"He had a good year with youngsters, had not he?" 

I answered: "He races well every year, just follow me".

I turned on my PC and showed them a site with results of pigeon races.

And they read with me the results of Embregts Theunis: 


Peter Theunis and his friend Marc Palinckx who together destroyed the 1st National Orleans race
young birds 2012. In 2009 M Palicnkx won 1st National with a bird from Embregts Theunis.




- Blois: 22 birds in the race, 18 prizes.

- Argenton: 12 birds in the race, 9 prizes.

- Bourges: 12 birds in the race, 11 prizes.

"These are results with OLD birds at long distance", but indeed, with youngsters he is even better I said and showed the result of National Orleans.

- National Orleans 19.692 pigeons: 3rd, 9th and 15th prize.

"Orleans is his race he?" the middle man said.



This was a smart remark and I showed him the result of Orleans 2010 National.

From 13.137 pigeons he won: 1, 4, 8, 16 and so on. 30 prizes from 40 birds entered.



In 2011 he had breath taking results from Pommeroel (29 prizes from 35 birds), St Quentin (27 prizes from 34 birds), Creil (29 prizes from 33 birds), Nijvel (58 prizes  from 70 birds) and an amazing result from St Quentin: 8.116 birds in the race and the following prizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. No less than 47 prizes from 69 birds. 



- Bourges: 16 prizes from 20 birds.

- Houdeng: From 866 pigeons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15 (45/76).

- St Quentin: 927 pigeons: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 19, 20 (51/74).

- Poitiers old birds 633 kms.  20 birds in the race, 15 prizes.

- Orleans. This was the great race. The weather was fair and hard with calm headwinds. Embregts Theunis entered 45 birds and with 41 prizes the result was real sensational. And those were not just prizes. From 7.795 pigeons he won 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 20, 30 and so on.

- Two weeks later there was another National NPO race from Orleans. This time he "only" won 34 prizes from 40 birds, or more precisely from 5.180 pigeons: 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and so on.

The 1st prize was won by A Smits with a bird that was bred by... Embregts Theunis.

From the 2 National races from Orleans no one else did better.



In fact the name of Embregts Theunis stands for Peter Theunis. Peter is a pigeon fanatic in his mid forties who runs a big farm. Embregts is his father in law, so the name of his wife.

In the past they raced together, the partnership was very successful but there was one problem, the lofts stood at the place of his father in law.

In 2006 they found this was not ideal and lofts were put op at Peters place in the town of Hoeven not far from the Belgian border.

There birds (50 total) would be auctioned, they kept only 12 pairs of babies which were put in the new lofts behind Peters house.

These 2006 birds should be the start of a new career.

The auction was a great success, also because of Dr. H de Weerd who bought no less than 30 birds!

The well known vet has never regretted it: The off spring of the Embregts Theunis birds won 2 firsts S National. He was especially successful with the line of the "Rocket".

Also Ludo Claessens was at the auction. He bought two birds: "Vedetje" and "Crackske".

Already in the first year these imports proved to be a sensation.

They were even better than the Claessen birds themselves!

In 2007 he bred 2 babies from "Vedetje" that would win 1st and 3rd National Orleans.

From "Crackske" he bred Provincial winners and 1st Ace Provincial, section 4.

He paid 6,000 euro for the 2 birds and sold "Vedetje" alone for 38.000 euro. This bird wore a ring of Embregts Theunis, Claessens got a nice interest of his money.



So 12 pairs of babies were not auctioned and no less than 6 of them turned out to be sensational breeders.

The offspring of those birds were responsible for the sensational results mentioned above. In fact there are 2 bloodlines:

- That of "Young Witbuik" (never raced). This was a descendant of a bird called Witbuik from C Gijzen that was a sensational breeder long way back.

- The other line is that of "Golden Dragon Rocket" (99-149).

He is father of no less than 5 pigeons that won in the first 10 National NPO (average 10.000 birds). A grandchild won 1st S National for H de Weerd and his partner.

Especially "Rocketeer" (06-659) was worth its weight in gold

"Rocketeer" is a son of "Dragon Rocket" and "Dragon Rocket" is a son of the "Rocket" from M v Gastel. Insiders know this was a real miracle bird, both as a racer and a breeder. It won in one year time:

1.671 p - 1st

2.017 p - 1st

2.581 p - 1st

2.366 p - 1st.

With these results it became the best pigeon of ALL Holland short distance in 1999.

The breeder, Mr van Gastel, is one of the most under estimated fanciers of recent years in Holland. Leytens Brothers knew how good these birds of van Gastel were. They bought his birds and the off spring made Leyten world famous. 

So it is mainly the bloodlines of "Young Witbuik" and "Golden Dragon Rocket", mostly crossed with imports that made P Theunis the star that he is now.



After his auction Peter Theunis decided to reinvest some money. He wanted the best birds available for money to cross with his own.

Fanciers like Bosua and De Bruyn buy a bunch of birds somewhere if they try to improve their loft. But this was not Peters style.

If he knows about a super bird somewhere he goes to the fancier and buys a youngster, brother or sister of this super.

Just one, regardless the price.

But there is always one condition: He must like the bird.

And I can tell you, he knows something about pigeons. The fanciers that let him choose will not allow him to choose again.   

Thus he got a type of birds that looks like one family.

When I handled his best racers I was surprised to see they looked so similar.

He successfully imported pigeons from:

- Van Hove Uytterhoeven.

- J Jonckers. (1st National Orleans 2012 is a baby from this Jonckers bird).

- Leo Heremans (line Nieuwe Rossi, Eenoogske, Spinneke). This "Young Rossi" from Leo is  a real super breeder for Embregts Theunis.  

- Jelle Roziers. Here he got a sensational breeder in 2008, called "Beauty Queen".

In its pedigree we see national winners in Belgium from Bourges and La Souterraine.

No less than 6 children of "Beauty Queen" won in the first 10 from a National NPO race, including 1st National Orleans from 58.925 birds.

- These are the most important but with some others he was successful as well.



If, from most champions, you take away the 3 best racers, the remaining birds are mostly just average. Embregts Theunis is different though. He can show off with a basket full of superior racers, most of them related to the 2 bloodlines mentioned before. Here we go:



06-0742659: Rocketeer.

"Rocketeer" is one of the birds that was not auctioned in 2006 and is the most famous son of "Dragon Rocket" (99-148).

As a baby he was 1st Provincial Ace (Brabant 2000), then it was put in the breeding loft, something Peter has never regretted. What a sensational breeder he was. He became father of:

- "Goldspice Girl" that won 3rd National Orleans 19.692 birds.

- "Blue Rocket" that won 4th National Orleans 13.186 birds.

- "Golden Cannon Ball" that won 2nd Sens, 3rd Creil, 5th Orleans plus 11th National  Sens 13.186 pigeons.



06-0742641: Super girl

"Super Girl" is another of the 2006 birds that was not sold. She was 2nd Provincial Ace, behind loft mate "Rocketeer". Also "Super Girl" was only raced as a baby.

She is a daughter of "Witbuik" and mother of "Golden Cannonball" (4).

Furthermore she is grandmother of 1st National Orleans 13.186 birds and fastest of  58.925 birds. She is also grandmother of "Rocket King" that won 9th National Orleans from 19.692 birds.



06-1183110: "Superior"

Another son of Dragon Rocket, a full brother of "Rocketeer" (1).

"Superior" is father of:

- 1st St Quentin 1.308 birds.

- 10th National NPO Orleans 11.563 birds.

- 8th National NPO Sezanne 12.647 birds.

- 8th National NPO Sens, 14.457 birds.

- 7th National NPO Orleans 7.795 birds.

A sister of "Superior" 06-0742665 ("Rocket Queen") was 8th Provincial Ace in 2006.



08-3917583: "Golden Canonball"

This is again a son of "Rocketeer" (1) and "Super Girl (2) and what kind of son.

It won 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 11th National Sens from 16.382 pigeons.

He is father of:

- "Canon Ball Boy" that won 1st NATIONAL Orleans 13.186 birds and was fastest from 58.925 birds.  

- "Rocket King" that won 9th National Orleans 19.692 birds.

- 16th National Sens: 17.292 birds.

- 3rd National Orleans 5.179 birds.

- 12th National Orleans 5.179 birds.

- "Golden cannon" that won 3rd National Orleans in 2012 ( 5.180 p).   

And more !  



09-3917763:  "GoldSpice Girl".

"Goldspice Girl" is again a daughter of "Rocketeer" (1) x "Beauty Queen" the sensational breeding hen that was bought from P and J Roziers.

The father of "Beauty Queen" was bred off 2 NATIONAL winners in Belgium (Bourges 16,950 birds and La Souterraine 16.942 birds).

"Goldspice Girl" herself won:

- 3rd National NPO Orleans 19.692 birds.

- 29th National NPO Sezanne 11.295 birds.

- 58th National NPO Sens 17.292 birds.

- 68th National NPO Bourges 9.882 birds.

She became 2nd Provincial Ace.

A halfbrother of "Goldspice girl" (same mother) is "Blue Turbo" which on 4th NPO Sezanne (12.647 birds).

"TopRocket", another halfbrother (again off Beauty Queen) won 8th NPO Sezanne from 14.457 p.

"Blue Boy", also off "Beauty Queen" x "Superior" (3) won 8th National Sezanne, 12.647 p.



09-3917730: "Rocket King".

"Rocket King" is a son of "Golden Canonball" (4), so again a grandson of "Rocketeer" (1). "Rocket King" won:

- 9th National Orleans 19.692 birds.

- 16th National Sens 17.292 birds.

"Rocket King" is halfbrother of birds that won 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th National Orleans !!!



10-3016846: "Blue Rocket"

"Blue Rocket" is a halfbrother of "Rocket King" (6), same mother. The father is again "Rocketeer" (1).  "Blue Rocket" won:

- St Quentin 1.252 p - 1st.

- National Orleans 13.186 p - 4th.

- National Orleans 8.135 p - 46th

- Provincial Sezanne S 2: 3.929 p - 9th.




It is also father of 4th National Sezanne 12.647 birds.



10-1788611: "Miss Goldnugget".

"Miss Goldnugget" is of the other successful bloodline: "Young Witbuik". She is both a daughter of "Witbuik" and a granddaughter as well. So inbred.  

"Miss Goldnugget" was 5th Provincial Ace and 1st Ace short distance Regional. She won 6th National Orleans from 8.316 birds and is mother of:

- Valentino which won: St Quentin 8.116 p - 1st, National Sezanne 12.647 p - 7th and 20th Nijvel 9.507 p.   

- "Space Girl" that won 3rd National Sezanne 12.647 p.

- "Rossi Star" that was 5th Provincial Ace.

- "Super Rossi" that won: 1st Creil 7.697 birds, 2nd Creil 24.452 birds, 3rd Nijvel, 8.115 p.



11-3024467: "Space Girl"

She is a daughter of "Miss Goldnugget" (8) and won:

- 3rd National Sezanne 12.647 birds.

- 7th Nijvel: 9.507 birds.

"Space Girl" is mother of "Space Boy" which won in 2012: 2nd National Orleans 7.795 pigeons and 15th National Orleans 5.179 pigeons. So from both the National Orleans races he won in first 15 !!!



11-3024491 "Super Rossi"

"Super Rossi" is a son of "Young Rossi" which is one of the top breeders that Peter Theunis imported. He got it from Leo Heremans, the mother of "Super Rossi" is "Miss Goldnugget" (8).

"Super Rossi" won:

- 1st Creil 7.697 pigeons.

- 2nd Creil 26.452 pigeons.

- 3rd Nijvel 9.507 pigeons.

- 3rd St Quentin 8.115 pigeons.



12-3220102 "Space Boy"       

"Space Boy" is a son of "Canonball King" and "Space Girl" (9).

"Canonball King" is a son of "Golden Cannonball x "Beauty Queen".

I consider this bird as a real super. It won 2 times in first 15 National Orleans (!) but also 4th Houdeng from 6.459 pigeons. 

The Orleans races were hard, Houdeng is a short distance race.




Unfortunately I have to restrict myself, if not things would be too boring but believe it or not, this is not it.

Peter Theunis has more birds that were winners against thousands of birds and more ace pigeons. Most of them from the 2 main bloodlines I referred to.



Especially with youngsters Peter Theunis is sensational but he was also Champion long distance with old birds.

The youngsters are raced sexes separated. The system I myself also practised.

Unlike others he does not train his young birds too often.

While others go on the road with them nearly daily he is pretty ruthless.

The first toss is from 10 kilometres, then 15, then 25, 40 and... that is it. That should be enough to be entered for the races.

Only in the week before THE BIG RACE from Orleans they are trained daily.

What struck me when I was there was the interior of the lofts.

Peter does everything that he can to make the lofts as agreeable as possible for the birds. Everywhere there are boxes and perches.

It reminds me of Verkerk who does the same.

Some suspect him of having a secret but if P Theunis has a secret it is his pigeons! How else would you explain that:

- Claessens wins 1st and 3rd National Orleans with offspring off his birds?

- Palinckx won 1st National Orleans 2009 with a Theunis bird?

- Smits won National Orleans 2012 with a bird bred by Theunis?

- H de Weerd won 2 Nationals with descendants of birds from Embregts?


These fanciers have other lofts, other training methods and so on. But what they do have is the Embregts Theunis birds !!

In 2013 I myself only introduce birds of ONE fancier in my loft: His !!



- "National" are the so-called NPO races.

- With "Provincial" I refer to "Brabant 2000" (about 2.500 fanciers).

- Especially from Orleans young birds he is sensational, the best of Holland I would say. Orleans is for him 450 kms.

- Competition is very strong where this man races. How else could he be super at the NATIONAL NPO races?