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First of all it is in the nature of many humans to have a love for animals but bringing the animals you love to results is real fun.
It is also in the nature of many humans to do something competitive. But not everybody is able to be competitive. Pigeon fanciers however are in a privileged position. They have their birds to do the job for them on the condition they are taken care of well. That is kind of challenge for the fancier.
So what is it that makes this sport so unique?
- You not be young to be a winner.
- You need not be an athlete to be a winner.
- An 80 year old man can be a champion in pigeon sport, also an uneducated man as well as a woman, a teenager, a gay, so just every body.
That distinguishes this sport from others and makes it so special and attractive.

Why, one might wonder, does pigeon sport go down then in Holland, Belgium and Germany if it is so much fun?
There are several reasons for that.
One of them is the great gap that existed between the champions and THE REST throughout the years.
Being beaten is one thing, that belongs to every sport.
But many of ‘THE REST’ got sick of being beaten every race after the other by the same happy(?) few and that’s why they quit pigeon racing.
All those who have a function in this sport have the task to support those who do not belong to the ‘happy few’ (so the champions).
Authors belong to ‘all those who have a function’.
My articles are meant to be educational. You cannot teach the champions very much, for them you need not write.
Trying to make the gap between the winners and the losers less great is not only in the interest of the non-champions but also in the interest of the champions.
If the same people keep on winning on a longer term they might become like kings without a kingdom.
If only one phrase of this series of articles will make you a better racer it is worth all the hours I spent in it.
My message to the champions is the following:
They should realise they benefit if others get more competitive as they only can be champions as long as there are people to compete with.
I want to open eyes. So much bull is said and published about our sport that people are brainwashed especially in America and the Far East.
Their belief in unimportant things such as ‘strain’ sometimes makes this sport look like a circus to the insider.
One of my intentions is to reduce the amount of clowns in that circus.