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It adds up

In the Dutch National pigeon magazine of this week was a report on Mr Pietersma.

He got this publicity because he became NATIONAL champion short distance in 2012. He did it with my birds.

He bought some eggs and babies some years ago in the same month as Mr Knaven got some babies.

And guess what?

Knave became NATIONAL champion LONG distance.

So with birds from me that they got in the same month one became the best short distance racer of Holland and the other became the best long distance racer of the whole country. It has become an impressive list by now.



- Pietersma became NATIONAL short distance champion 2012.


- Knaven became NATIONAL long distance champion.


- Heesen became NATIONAL champion young birds.


- R v d Zijde got the best long distance bird of Holland (both parents were mine)


- Pieper got the NATIONAL ACE Middle Distance in 2007, the mother was mine.


- Verbree got the best cock of Holland. The father was mine (off 230).


- Verbree got the best hen of Holland and the 3rd best. The father was mine.


- Verkerk got the 2nd best Long Distance bird West European Nation Cup. Bred from a bird of mine. He also got 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10 NATIONAL Ace with my bloodline.


- Leytens got his bird Pentium: 2nd World Champion fond. The father was mine.


- Leytens got his 1st NATIONAL Olympiad bird SA sprint. The mother was mine.


- Pieper got the NATIONAL Ace Middle Distance in 2011. The father was mine.


- C Maas got his NATIONAL Ace Middle Distance. Both parents were mine.


- Van Doorn got the NATIONAL Ace youngsters 2011. The mother was mine.


- M Wouters got the NATIONAL Ace Middle Distance in Belgium in 2012. This miracle called Ad was also 1st Olympiad bird in Nitra.


- Kennis got one of the best Long Distance birds in history. The mother was mine.


- v d Kemp got the 3rd NATIONAL Ace Middle Distance. The father was mine.


With pigeons that descend from my loft:

- Munnik got the 2nd NATIONAL Ace (line 230).


- P v d Merwe got 4th NATIONAL Ace (line 230).


- E v d Horst got NATIONAL Ace Sprint.


- Heesen got 1st best and 2nd best young bird NATIONAL. (thru Hulkenberg).


- Buys got NATIONAL Ace Sprint.


- G v d Berg got 3rd NATIONAL Ace All Round.


- Zoontjens got 4th NATIONAL Ace.


- Geerenstein got best cock of Holland in 2006.


- Ulrich got 2nd NATIONAL Ace Middle Distance.


- Vanlint got Olympiad bird and NATIONAL Ace yearlings KBDB thru De Bruyn.


- Swichtenberg becamer NATIONAL Champion of Belgium with my birds.


- Capon became NATIONAL Champion of France (youngsters) with my birds.


- My birds are domninating pigeon sport in Hungry At Grampsch, Horvath and Guyli.



Watch out:

I am talking about NATIONAL LEVEL, so from the WHOLE country, and this is only part of it. Moreover numerous birds that descend from my loft won NATIONAL races.

No one else will be able to show such references.