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Just chances

Has this world become crazy?


End of October 2011.

When I say that Belgium and Holland were in shock I exaggerate but not very much.

It was after the sale on the Internet of 20 babes of G v d Wouwer.

The birds went for nearly 5.000 e average. More than 6,000 USD for 20 birds with no racing or breeding references at all.

Especially two of my friends could not understand, and me neither.



In 2008 Gaston was already a fantastic racer so I went there to buy some birds, one of them was a direct son of his basic bird De Kaasboer.

A friend bought a complete round to race them, another one bought 6 birds.

They were not expensive then, 100 e each, since Gaston was not greedy for money.

I bred several birds of the direct son of Kaasboer with different hens, but none of them was able to win a prize.

Amongst the others was one bird that was reasonable.

That friend that bought a complete round raced the birds. The same story, not one decent prize winner amongst them.

The man who bought 6 birds was not lucky with them either. 

My first friend killed the birds, the second friend was forbidden to kill them by his wife, since she found it a waste to kill birds that had cost 600 e.

He was lucky. Recently he could sell the birds for which he had paid 100 e each for' 600 e each. Birds that had proven to be no good.



You may understand that especially we were surprised by the hype for those birds.

Especially the man who had killed them all. The brothers and sisters of the birds that were sold for 5,000 e each included.  



I heard many comments about this sale and about Gaston.

People blamed him, especially some that were not successful with his birds.

They were wrong to blame this nice and honest man with very good birds.

He was national champion youngsters and I remember a race in which he won 6 top prizes national from 6 birds he had entered.

I must also say that unlike my friends and me pretty many others were successful with his birds. Even nationals were won.

My friends and me just had bad luck.

We knew that with the birds we bought from him we had better chances than with other birds but no more than better chances.

Gaston himself once asked if the son of his Kaasboer had given good babies in my loft. I did not like it, he is too nice a man, but I told him the truth.  

Gaston reacted:

I am sorry for you. From every 10 babies of Kaasboer 7 are good. You were so unlucky as to get the bad one.

How right he was.



Honestly speaking I think this humble champion must feel embarrassed himself about the nearly 100,000 e that were paid for his 20 babies.

Remember he was happy to sell babies for 100 e only 3 years ago.

As I said this v d Wouwer belongs to the absolute top of Belgium.

With few birds in the race he often humiliated big names that race lots of birds. 

But even great champions who are honest and who have fantastic birds breed more bad youngsters than good ones.

Those 2 friends I referred to were just unlucky to get the bad ones.

With birds of him, Koopman, Vandenabeele, Sablon, Verkerk and so on you have a greater CHANCE than with others.

But are CHANCES worth so much money?

Not for realistic people, only for dreamers.