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My birds in Belgium

Results in Belgium in 2007!


For various reasons I can only race old birds in my home town since 1998.

In that year I destroyed the young bird races but due to various circumstances I had to rare young birds somewhere else.

I found a partner in the town of Sint Willebrord which is known for its strong competition, there too we won all 1st championships from 1999 till 2006 but unfortunately in the spring of that year my partner passed away.

Then I had no other choice than to race young birds somewhere else and formed a partnership with Mr Maegh in the province of Antwerp.

I asked him to compete in the biggest and strongest Federation (named Sint Job) where many big names from about 50 clubs can enter birds.

In the spring of 2006 I brought 30 babies there bred off my racers and' to the surprise of many people those birds won all 1st Championships.

Why people were so surprised?

These were Dutch birds with Dutch bands and the fellow sportsmen over there   thought Belgian birds were superior at short distance.

And guess what happened in 2007?

The birds that were so dominating in 2006 as youngsters performed extremely well as yearlings again.

Only hens were raced which won the 1st Championship 4 first nominated in 2007 in the same big Federation.   


THE 'ONES' IN 2007

People called those birds the 'ones' since they wore Dutch bands that started with a '1'  whereas the Belgian bands started with a '6'.

I will give a short summary of their results, which were all from the same station: Noyon.

- 10 birds in the race: 8 prizes.

- 10 birds in the race: 8 prizes (2, 3, 5 and so on).

- 9 birds in the race; 7 prizes (1, 4, 5, 17 and so on).

- 9 birds in the race: 8 prizes: 1, 3, 4, and so on.

- 8 birds in the race: 8 prizes.

- 8 birds in the race: 7 prizes.

- 8 birds in the race: 8 prize.

- 8 birds in the race: 7 prizes.

The birdage was about 1,000 average and no one did better.

Three of those Dutch birds became 1st, 4th and 5th Ace!

A real special bird is 06-1161020.

As a youngsters she and her sister performed unbelievably and they were responsible for winning all those championships in the Federation.

As a yearling 06-020 won a 1st prize with a lead of 5 minutes in real hard weather, strong headwinds, at the greatest distance.

This 020 also had the highest speed of the whole release of about 7,000 birds.  

Those yearling hens that won all championships the year before when they were babies now won 1st Championship first 4 nominated.

Yes, I am still talking about the big Federation.    



The races from Germany (due to H5N1) were not a success and many birds got lost.

Later on, when we could race from France again, the youngsters did like they used to do; perform fantastic.

- First race 14 prizes from 16 birds entered.

- Second race, 13 prizes from 16 birds entered!

- Third race (August 11th) from Dourdan (400 kms) was real hard with head winds. From 16 birds 12 prizes were won: 1, 5, 7 and so on. We are still talkin gabout the big and strong Federation. No one of the big names did better, but that is not it.

- One day after the fantastic race from Dourdan, 7 birds were entered for Noyon. This was a race with tail winds. Aqainst 812 youngsters I started with 4, 5, 11, 27. So the 4th bird still won in the first 3 %.

- Again one day later (August 13th on a Monday) we had a long distance race for youngsters from Argenton; 4 of the 5 birds that I entered were classified in the first half of the prizes.    

- August 18th again the 1st prize Provincial was won from Middle Distance, now with al lead of no less than 7 minutes. 15 Birds were entered, 12 of them won a prize.

- From Noyon 8 prizes were won from 9 birds. 

- September 8th we had the farthest long distance race for youngsters from Gueret (620 kilometres!). The race was not only far but also real hard with headwinds (1.082 mpm). The birds got home by sunset after they had flown against the wind for a whole day. I had entered 2 birds only and one of them won 2nd prize (432 p) at the greatest distance. Then many famous names who entered 50 or more pigeons had not gotten one home yet.   

So in Belgium the birds performed fantastic again, both the yearlings and the babies, from short distance, middle distance and long distance.  

Too bad most of the parents of the young birds that did so well got lost in the smash I May 2007.

In 2007 I raced some yearling hens in Belgium against the widowhood cocks.
3 Of them were among the 5 best Ace birds. Mind the bandnumbers. 
My Dutch bands start with a '1'. Antwerp birds start with a '6 '.