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National Aces 2007

"WHZB" is the name of a competition organised by a Dutch magazine to find who had the best birds the year. This is not the official National championship of NPO, but still very prestigious.

It must be said though that the ranking does not necessarily mean these pigeons are really the best since the fancier himself has to send in the results which some fanciers do not, pretty many fanciers have no chance since they race in an area where people enter few birds (only their best) and naturally the amount of pigeons in a race contributes to a better ranking.
Furthermore in one area the season ends in June, in the other in September and of course it makes a differerence if you can enter a bird 12 times or 25 times.   

Nevertheless the fanciers and their birds deserve much respect since still some 1000s of fanciers go for it. As you see below some great names are among the winners.                                                                                         

 Below the winners in each category in 2007.

Best pigeon All Round : G and S Verkerk

Best Cock : Cor Leijtens

Best Hen: Adrie Kors

Best Young Bird: Bert Berends

Best Short Distance Pigeon : Ben Pieper

Best Middle Distance Pigeon: Jan Oost

Best One Day Long Distance Pigeon: Comb. Braad - de Joode

Best Extreme Long Distance Pigeon: Chris Bouhuyzen

Best Loft : Reedijk-Jongekrijg

The Leytens' family (best cock WHZB 2007) with
on the right A S and Luna Lai from Hong Kong.
Photo pipa