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What makes this sport kind of depressing for many is poor results year after year.

In case pigeons perform poorly several things may be the reason.


The fancier is not a good handler. If he realises that himself he should read and listen to successful fanciers.


Lofts are over populated.


The birds are in poor health.


The pigeons lack quality.


The loft is no good.


If a fancier who performed well in the past notices his results are not good any more it is clear the loft is not to blame.

Something should be wrong with the health of his birds, or the quality went down.

Quality that gets down little by little year after year is mostly the result of a selection that was not adequate.

What many fanciers do if they get good results is keep more birds.

That is a big mistake, since the average quality will get down and the lofts may get over populated.

Furthermore it is far more difficult to keep pigeons in good health if you have many.

It is essential to first have a good loft in which birds easily get into good condition, then you should try to get quality birds that are healthy by nature which do not need much medicine.

Over medication has been the beginning of the end for many.

Once you have a family of superb pigeons this sport is not as difficult as many claim.


What you should do is:

Cull the bad birds, sell the good ones and keep the supers!