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One of the many misunderstandings

Mr P had his pigeons checked by a pigeon vet. "Pretty much coccidiosis" was the verdict. And now he has a problem. Now early November, it is, after all, "moulting time" and then you should stay away from medicine is what you can read everywhere. Now P does not know what to do.

It is indeed 'moulting time'.  

-Summer breds are nearly through it.

-For birds that are darkened it will take some more weeks.

-For pigeons that are both darkened and were raced with the lights on in July and August it will take even longer.

I always wrote that medicating against paratyphoid is no problem at all when pigeons are moulting.  

Most champions do that. Even with Baytril.

What about other cures?

Very simple.

The modern medicine against the classic ailments one can use the whole year round. Also in fall when birds are moulting.

I told P to cure immediately. .

Delay the cure till after the moult?

Come on.

Pigeons that suffer from trichomoniasis, worms, cocc, paratyphoid or whatever should be freed from these ailments as soon as possible in all circumstances. The moult will stagnate if you do nothing!

Or what do you think? That the moult will not be hindered by a sickness?

So it is o so simple.

The moult requires pretty much from the pigeon body. So the birds should be in perfect health when moulting.

If this is not the case, then please help them.