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References 2006 and 2007.



A summary on what I read in the press and what fanciers mailed me.


April 7th 2007

H v Doorn and J Mercx won 1st prizes with off spring 95-230 and 97-130. (brother and son of Ace Four).


May 4th 2007.  

Publications in NATIONAL pigeon magazine NPO about birds that descend from my loft.

G Munnik had 2nd National Ace (ALL HOLLAND) and P v d Merwe had 4thNATIONAL Ace Middle Distance.

Both are off spring 95-230 (brother Ace Four).

Mr Nijhof had 2nd NATIONAL Ace the year before, Mr G v d Berg had 3rd National Ace All Round, Mr Hofmans had 2nd National Ace youngsters in 2004.

Mr Sprakel won 1st 13,110 pigeons (fastest 32,591 birds), Mr Hartjens won in Section 3 1st from 10,414 pigeons with a half AS birds through Gerry Jeene.

Mr Adams won 1st from 10,020 pigeons, 2 weeks before it won 3rd from 9,500 pigeons. Then it was only beaten by 2 birds of mine. This wonder bird from Mr Adams descends from Sissi through W de Bruyn.

Mr Stevens won 1st from 9,000 birds (gr.child 95-230) Mr Ferry van Loo had won National Blois with a bird that descends from my loft.


May 11th 2007.

A grandson of Ace Four won for H Boenders 1, 1, 2 and 4.

Mr Jespers v d Wegen Holsbeek Belgium won 2nd Provincial Blois.

P vd Merwe got 3 birds together, winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd from 42,000 pigeons. One of them descended of 95-230 (brother Ace Four)


May 29th 2007.

H v d Oetelaar had fastest from 28,000 pigeons. Bred off 96-2395060 (off Creilman) and 98-1326845 (off Ace Four).


June 3rd 2007

P v d Merwe was outstanding again and won 3rd and 10th from 34,000 pigeons with birds that descend from my loft. (bloodline 98-191 Invincible and 95-230).

Fr Timmermans won 1st from 21,000 birds with a pure AS pigeon.


June 18th 2007 .

W de Bruyn had won S-National NPO race Bourges (12,000 p) and 1st Chantillyfrom 6,000 birds one week later. Both birds descended of 277, a son of Sissi.

The same weekend P v d Merwe won 1st and 2nd from 3,200 birds with pigeons bred off mine (line 98-191 and 95-230).


July 7th 2007.

Mr Outshoven won 1st against many 1000s of birds, Mr Verbree won 7th S-National NPO (line Orleansdoffertje), Mr Falco Ebben won 5th S-National NPO, PvdMerwe won again 1st from 2,000 birds.


July 18th 2007.

W de Bruyn, won 1, 2 and 3 S National NPO Bourges, one of them was descendant Sissi. One week later another descendant Sissi won for him Chantilly 1st. From this race P v p Merwe won 1 and 2 in other Fed (3,200 p) with birds off mine,


August 7th and 14th .

M Outshoven won 1st with a half AS pigeon, Falco Ebben won 5th S National NPO race and Co Verbree won 7th S-National (off spring 'Orleansdoffertje'), Pvd Merwe won again 1st from 2,000 birds with one off mine.

Mr Banken won S-National NPO race, 9,500 pigeons (off spring 95-230 and 98-162).

Remco Cock won 1, 2, 3 and 4 from 2,900 p with off spring of my birds.

I myself won 1st Fed in Belgium again.

R v p Boogaard won 1st S-National NPO Chantilly (17,050 p) with a bird that he bred off a hen of mine, Offspring 95-230 (brother Ace Four) and 96-144 (sister Ace Four). 


August 17th

Jespers van der Wegen called to thank me.

He was THE SENSATION from NATIONAL Bourges in Belgium.

Against no less than 31,428 pigeons he won 4, 15, 19, 31!

He was also Belgian's best again 2 weeks later from NATIONAL Argenton. He won 8 prizes in the first 100 National from ALL Belgium (birdage 20,921 pigeons). Mainly A S birds crossed with D v Dijck.


August 21st.

Mr Outshoven won 1st with a lead of 6 minutes. I myself won 1st in Belgium (fed) with a lead of 7 minutes. 


August 28th

We had a very hard S-National race from Orleans.

Bright and head winds.

From over 37,000 birds J Merckx won 2nd S-National. Off spring 98-5812162, son Ace Four.

3rd S National (whole release) was Mr Florian Henrdiks. Off-spring 95-2067230 (brother Ace Four).  

On the same day P v d Merwe won 12th and 18th S National Ablis 17,000 p (offspring 95-2067230, brother Ace Four).

Henri van Doorn stunned the nation winning 2, 3, 4, 6 S-National Zone 2 (9,000 p) with 90% AS blood.


September 8th

- Henri van Doorn was spectacular again winning 2, 3, 4 S National now.

Three birds arrived together.

- P v p Merwe did it again. He won 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11 from Peronne (birdage 11,346) He had 1st and 2nd of the whole release (30,371 pigeons). His first 3 birds were bred from pigeons of mine, Again gr.children 95-230..


September 28th

Word Famous Bas Verkerk, who is a good sportsman as well, said that in the last races the birds that he bred off mine performed unbelievably. He talked about a real 'Schaerlaeckens show'.





I include some references of 2005 that I only heard of now.


1ST National Ace Middle Distance: Mr Maas, a pure A. S. bird

2nd National Ace Middle Distance: Mr Munnik. Decendant 95-230

4th National Ace Middle Distance: Mr P v d Merwe. Descendant 95-230


1st National Ace Short Distance: Mr E v d Horst. Crossed


1st and 2nd National Aces young birds Mr Heesen. Crossed.


2nd All round and 2nd Olympiad bird. Mr Geerenstein. Crossed. He also won 1stNational Blois (z).


1st National Champion Long Distance Mr F v Loo.  Partly AS blood.


2nd National Over All Champion All Germany. Mr Schwichtenberg. Pure A.S.


3rd, 5th and 13th best hens of All Germany. Pure A. S. birds.


In 2006 Bart van Oeckel won 1st National La Souterraine, off spring Ace Four and Mr H v Doorne won 1st and 2nd NPO National Orleans.


Mr Cossa Italy and Mr Guyla Hungry had an Olympiadbird. Origin AS.


In 2007 it is even better.

Especially off spring of 95-2067230.

One example.

Mr R v d Boogaard won NPO National Chantilly 17,050 p ' 1st!

Descendant 95-2067230 (brother Ace Four) and 96-5660144, sister Ace Four!!  


Who in the whole world can claim such references?




Before Mr Buis had National Ace Short Distance, Mr v d Zijde National Ace Long Distance (100% AS), Mr Ulrich had 2nd National Ace Middle Distance,

Mr Leytens had 2nd World Champion VL Long Distance, Mr Verkerk had 3rd World Champion VL long distance, Mr Michel Vanlint won 2 Nationals and had Olympiad plus 1st National Ace yearlings BDS.

It just never ends.



Numerous NPO races and others were won with Schaerlaeckensbirds as well.


- B v d Brandt Boxtel:

Has a granddaughter of 'Ace Four' that won 4 times in first 6 (average over 3,000 b).


- Zoontjens Riel:

Has a descendant of 'Wounded Knee' and 'Home Alone' which is a miracle at Long Distance: This bird (03-794) won S-National NPO: Chateauroux 14.898 p ' 4th,  S-National La Souterraine  9.319 p ' 4th, S-National Argenton 9.319 p ' 7th. He also had 4th best youngster all Holland. Off-spring again Ace Four.


- H Gorzler

Had the best bird of ALL Germany in July (descendant 96-5660144, sister Ace Four).


- Gv d Berg Elspeet

Had 1st Ace Pigeon Section 8(r1) in 2005 and 2006 through Elskamp.

The same bird was 3rd National Ace in 2005. It won 3 1st prizes (average 1,100 b) and its youngster won 9.023 p ' 1st.


- W Peynenburg Boxtel:

Became 1st Champion Combine.


- Mr Pol Ede

Became 1st Champion Fed (Afd 8 r1)


- Mr Wijnen

Became 1st  Champion Fond Fed (Afd 8r1) partly with descendants 'Ace Four'.


- J Buis Bussum

Had 1st National Ace short distance in 2005.


- J Rox Zegge:

Descendants 'Wounded Knee' x Orleansdoffertje won Pithiviers 1,097 p ' 1st, Strepy 2,711 p ' 1st and Creil 1,585 p ' 1st ,  L v Tilburg Ossendrecht won 1st Provincial Chantilly (3,526 birds) with same bloodline.  Another descendant ofWounded Knee became 4th National Ace in 2004, raced by photographer Fred la Bruyn. 


- Herman Beverdam Enter

Won 1st from 14,000 birds with a descendant 'Wounded Knee'. 


- H v d Veeke Westdorpe:

Won 7th National Blois (hard Race) 70,000 birds ALL Holland. The same bird won before 2nd NPO S-National Chateauroux (4,314 p). Off spring 'Adonis' and 'Sissi'.


- B van Oeckel Belgium got a child of 96-2395082, a sister of Ace Four. It produced1st National La Souterraine in 06 and 3rd National Argenton in 2005. 


- Joop Merx Vaals

Got a child of 95-2067230 which produced 1st Orleans, 4th NPO S-National


- Henri van Doorn Den Dungen:

Became 1st Provincial Champion.

Won 1st and 2nd S National NPO Orleans (5,840 p).

He had 6th and 10th National Ace.

He had 1st  Provincial Ace.

He won 4th and 11th S-National Etampes, 5,520 p.

He won 9th National Orleans, 5,891 p.

He had 9th National Ace, 2nd Provincial Ace.

He won 15th National Orleans, 5,706 p.

These birds descend from 95-2067295 x gr.daughter 95-2067230.

00-4052390 (grandson 96-2395071 off Mattens x Sissi x descendant Wounded Knee) is father of 1st Chantilly 4,220 p, 2nd National Orleans 5,706 p, 7th National Orleans 4,736 p, 18th S-National NPO Etampes 4,649 p.

03-0357387 a daughter off 02-1739790 (off 95-2067230 x 01-6455067) x 01-1994142 (off Wounded Knee) is mother of 15th National Orleans 5,706 p, 38thNational Orleans 5,340 p and 2nd Provincial Ace.

A descendant of Adonis 95-2067343 x daughter 95-2067295 is mother of 1stProvincial Ace, 9th National Ace, 10th National Ace.


- H Jespers Holsbeek Belgium.

Won 1st Sens and 2nd Provincial Blois, hard weather.


- Fr Timmermans Wehl.

Won 1st prize Lommel 9,255 p with descendant Creilman and 1st  Pommeroeil 8,100 birds that are related to 2nd National Ace ALL Holland (ybirds) from Nijhof who himself won Pommeroeil 1st and 2nd (19,347 p)! The winning bird won also Nijvel 3,099 p ' 1st and Morlincourt 2,806 p ' 2nd.  He also had 2nd National Ace y birds.


- G v d Berg

Won 1st National Le Mans (zone East) from 22,822 pigeons in 05(descendant Sissi).


- Medze Arnhem

Won Epehy 5,499 p ' 1st , Gerritsen also from Arnhem won Orleans 4,077 p ' 1st


- Klompenhouwer Amersfoort:

Won Creil 9.788 p ' 1st.


- F Ebben:

Won 4 x 1st Fed and 7 x  in first 10 S-National with descendants 'Orleansdoffertje'.  


- E v d Horst Harderwijk:

1st Provincial Champion (4,000 fanciers). He had 1st National Ace NPO sprint through Eising. 2,560 p ' 1,  11,1175 p ' 3,  8,925 p ' 3,  9,769 p ' 4,  17,945 p ' 9.