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Rumanian Mihai visits AS

A visit to Ad Schaerlaeckens


Maybe then, I did not realise what had happened, but now I am aware that it was the smartest move that I could ever made; I'm talking about a visit that I have made, in a beautiful autumn day, a visit that will make me happy. The fortune has smiled to me and I found myself in the yard of a famous pigeon keeper who breeds racing pigeons.           He lives in a town called Baarle Nassau, the name is similar to the name of my town, Bistrita-Nasaud. It is nice, isn't it?

       A man greets us smiling, he was in his second youth, and his smile betrayed his emotions. In one hand, he was holding a pigeon and on the head, he wore a cap. Once I have read in a book about a famous pigeon keeper who was always wearing a cap, and because of this, he got a nickname. I had a flash! Would this be a mark from which we can tell apart the pigeon keepers from the other people?

         He had looked at us with a friendly face and after a few greeting words he invited us in his yard. I stepped in with my right foot! Ahead us a tree appeared that was watching over beautiful lawn with green grass. The lawn was hedging a saucy pigeon loft and a turret. We had set in the turret and the breeder's wife wait on us with fancy cakes and juice. In the same book I have already mentioned I had read about the Janssen brothers and the people who came to visit them; some of them were getting to the bottle of beer from the second day, we got the fancy cakes from the first meeting.

         After the stories about pigeons and after visiting the pigeon loft I received a catalogue and many piece of advice. My friend bought some pigeons so the road to home was expected to be very long.

      Once I got home I realized what has happened, I was a happy man. I stressed my sister, who is an English teacher, to translate me everything I had found about this man. Now due to this meeting I have a new vision about the racing pigeons. I read in his articles that he would found his work useful even if just one pigeon keeper learns from what he had written.

         Before I believed in many pigeons and many chance, now I believe in few pigeons and good (less is more)!

         Before I did not give any importance to the shelter, now I know that it has to be dried and with no airflow!

         Before I did not give any importance to the state of health, now I believe in a iron health!

         Before I did not believe in youngsters, now I know that the future depends on them!                   

         Before I believed in pedigree, now I believe in results!

         Before I believed in magic potions, now I believe that pigeons make the magic!

         Before I believed in so many idiocies, now I believe in what I see!



I am grateful to you, the writer'.because of your articles so much sand has been washed from my eyes!  

Finally, I would like to confess that from our meeting I am, too wearing a cap!


P.S. I hope you will enjoy my story, I written it honestly from the heart. When we met, you promised me four eggs. Is your offer still on? If yes, when shall I come after them?