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In my previous article I again emphasized how naive many fanciers are.

I claimed that the good pigeons are NOT the monopoly of the great names.

And again I wrote how relative strain, pedigree and family are.

As an example I mentioned the name of a fancier that I heard of for the first time this year. Nevertheless it is somebody with real good sprint birds, as it seems.

In 3 years' time he had 3rd, 2nd and 1st National Ace yrls.

From KBDB !!

His name is Mark Janssens.

And I mentioned the names of the fanciers where he got those good birds.

Completely unknown names.



Two days later I got a mail from' Mark Janssens. THE Mark Janssens.

He said he liked what I had written about him and his birds and wanted to tell me something more. Since the best known auction site in Belgium sells babies of National Aces he also had a try.

He mated his National Ace with its mother and proposed the men in charge of the site to auction the babies.

But his offer was rejected. No name !!!



By coincidence my wife read the mail from Mr Mark.

'O, my God! Are these stories that you write true? Did things that you describe really happen?'  was her reaction.

I told her, and now you know it all: Of course they are true.

Sometimes I am a bit naughty though and from 2 events I make one.

Or from 2 or 3 persons I make one.

That is also what I did with that young Rumanian fancier who I mentioned in the same article. Those black birds of mine were not his.

The man who claims to have my birds pure, while this maybe 2,5% only?

He also exists.

Sometimes I find it more fun to combine things.