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The dreamer is new

I was tired of the newspaper.
A lot of cucumber farmers on the brink of the abyss, but now it appears that dangerous bacteria were NOT found on cucumbers.
The fault of the Germans.
Yes, blame them again. If an earthquake comes, I suspect there are some that also blame it on the Germans.
So I grabbed a pigeon magazine. Then I did not need to read all that nonsense and bad news.

Pigeon magazine.
The first page was about the Raw Sablon and their wonderful birds.
I knew that by now, and flipped to the next page.
Yet another piece on the Rauw Sablon.
I crumpled the paper into a ball and took another pigeon magazine.
"De Rauw Sablon pigeons, pigeons of the future," shouted a big head.
I had had it and flipped straight to the last page.
There are usually ads.
That was true this time again.
M De Cock took off with the best of De Rauw Sablon ....
I switched over to the middle page of the magazine.
A lot of Pros Roosen. That seemed interesting. This was a man who had a say, a figurehead.
But I had just read a few lines or the author talked about "Freddy, the miracle pigeon". Rauw Sablon breed.
This paper also disappeared with an energetic flourish in the trash.
Me but I was bored, wanted to read, but not this shit.
So I turned on the PC.

Where would I look first?
Incoming mail?
No, not now. Then you had to answer them.
Ha, Pipa. Long ago I had looked there.
Sure enough there was a name I did not know: Haeck from Ronse.
And what was underneath?
"De Rauw Sablon pigeons lead the way."
I had to tun but where?
Koen Van Roy!
How would his Koopman Pigeons do?
So I surfed for Koen, came across the name Koopman and ... I could hardly believe it: De Rauw Sablon.
Then I saw somewhere "Brico Loft".
Was Bricon not the clock seller?
No, that was a loft with pigeons, De Rauw Sablonpigeons.
Did Pipa Elite Breeding Center have something new to offer?
I clicked it. The first three "breeders" were all birds of 2010.
The first was "Lucky" of box of 17, daughter of the best breeder of Rauw Sablon.
The following "elite breeders" of Pipa were also birds of 2010 and all De Rauw Sablon origin. .

I googled to One Loft Races. See if there was news.
Immediately I came across "Team One Loft Race. A loft full of De Rauw Sablonbirds."
Eyerkamp then, their site I had never visited.
These guys buy all the best and which birds would be their best now?
But again: Ups, they took off with "the best of Rauw Sablon".
Pitts perhaps?
Sometimes this site had news.
A saw a report about one Raf Bijl.
Hmm. Raf Bijl?
Never heard of him but that could be me.
I began to read and what did the writer want to make clear?
That for the pigeons of the future you should apply to Mr Bijl:
He had the real De Rauw Sablon pigeons.
Twice f#ck. .
Eric Limbourg then.
What would he be after his historic sales?
I clicked on his site, a magnificent site in many languages and you got the music for free. Plus, if you were interested, yes ... the best of De Rauw Sablon.
So those birds are not in the lofts of Eyerkamp, Bijl, van Roy, Pipa and all the others but with Eric.
Despondent I broke the connection.

This De Rauw Sablon, or De Rauw or Sablon or whoever must be a pitiful figure. Can such a person still go on the street?
Will he not be laughed at?
By whom?
By everyone, perhaps, but the good man cannot help it.
I see it all before me.
If he parks his car in front of his house his neighbors dive away, his friends do not pick up when they recognize his number on their phones and the shop staff dive into the toilets crying with laughter when they see him coming.
Is such a man not made crazy, ripe for the psychiatrist, a compulsory admission or, worse, a solitary?
And it is not his fault, he cannot help it.
It is we, foolish fanciers that put him and his birds on high pedestal.
The poor Rauw Sablon.
Or de Rauw.
Or Sablon, because I really do not know.
What I do know is that every few years a kind of collective madness seems to make itself master of many of us.

There was a time when you as a pigeon man were not taken serious if you did not have Meulemans birds.
Later the red Meulemans were sought after and half America advertised them while good old Charel himself did not have even one in his loft.
An what the champion in the Netherlands had no Janssen?
If he found one of the babies that he raised was a slaty he hurried to Arendonk to get a photo with him and Louis on it.
This photo then got a prominent place where the pigeon people, especially the buyers came. A picture with Louis Janssen?
If it was one with Miss Belgium, I would have some understanding.
But in my opinion Louis and Miss Belgium do not have quite the same look.
How deep can a man fall?

In Germany you had the Schellens blood, especially of his "National".
Those who did not have Schellens strain could not sell a feather.
And there is hardly any seller now that has no Vandenabeele, Heremans and now De Rauw Sablon in his loft.
What"s going on in pigeon world?
Very simple.
The media and especially the Internet have brainwashed many. They lost their way and no Tom Tom navigator that can help.
They have lost contact with reality, are barely sane or in softer words very gullible.
They are ripped off in their own presence.
They are sick, very sick. You only have to look at the amounts of money that is offered at Pipa for a bunch of feathers 2 months of age.
Especially for the bloodline of that De Rauw Sablonpigeon called "The Dreamer".
A man can dream of many first prizes, no problem.
I did the same in my childhood.
Dreams are rarely new. The dreamer is new.