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The Schaerlaeckens files

Ad Schaerlaeckens, also known as A. S., lives in Baarle Nassau, a little Dutch town right on the Belgian border.

The area is called ‘the Mecca of Middle Distance’, since world famous names such as Klak, Louis van Loon, Hofkens, Meulemans, Janssen Bros and so on lived or live only some kilometres from him.

In his youth many local people raced pigeons but he liked soccer better.

He was pretty good at it but not good enough, so he quit playing soccer, started racing pigeons and made an impressing career.



Back in 1974, he became 1st Champion and from then on till 2006 there was not one year in which he was not.

In 1985 he was named ‘Mister Orleans’ in the Dutch National pigeon magazine NPO, since he was the best from this greatest race in the world.

Later on his results from Orleans, for which up to 200,000 youngsters were entered, even got better.

In 1995 his birds performed so well that the chairman of the province, Mr Marinus, claimed that he had never known any one dominating the provincial races as much as A S did. But A. S. had to pay a price and became the victim of his own successes: In 1997 the club forbade him to pool money, since he won everything.



It was also back in 1974 that A S started to be a scribe.

First it was a hobby (he made his living as a teacher), since 1997 he made writing his living and now he writes in 11 pigeon magazines all over the world.

Schaerlaeckens also published several books that were all sold out real soon.

Highlights in his writing career were 1984, 2000 and 2005.

In 1984 he wrote a book about Janssen Brothers that became the greatest best seller ever in pigeon racing; over 100,000 copies were sold in 10 languages.

In 2000 he got the prestigious award as best author of the past century and also in the years that followed he was chosen as most popular scribe, due to his knowledge, his style and sense of humour.

'Ad Schaerlaeckens in Taiwan' left Miss Ku, his cooperator'.



A S got his basic birds from Hofkens, Janssens, Louis van Loon, Marcelis and Voets.

The first Janssen bird that he got, back in 1976, became mother of ‘Good Yearling’ which was very famous at the time.

Later on he got a son of ‘Young Merckx’, it was mated to a sister of ‘Good Yearling’ and the first baby off this pair won 1st  National Orleans in 1985.

A mix of those families/birds are responsible for the sensational results of A. S.

In recent years a hen (01-6455067, named ‘New Sissi’) that he got from Gust Jansen also turned out to be a fantastic stock bird. A great impact on the family were 2 birds that were imported in 1991 called ‘Mattens’ and ‘Sissi’.



In 1996 two Schaerlaeckens pigeons surprised the nation with unbelievable results. They were brother and sister (96-5660144 and 96-5660145) that  became 1st and 2nd Provincial Ace with an average entry of over 11,000 birds.

‘Never happened before’ the papers said. 

These birds were grandchildren of 91-2310369 (‘Mattens’) and 88-3206088 (‘Sissi’), a pair whose descendants wrote history.

The best racer off this pair was 92-5212278 (‘Creilman’) that won:

3,004 p – 1st.   4.214 p – 1st .   1,022 p – 1st .   1,157 p – 1st  and more.

- ‘Creilman’ is grandfather of 99-1944577 that won:

Tessenderloo   14,454 p – 1st, St Ghislain 9,508 p – 1st, Orleans  8,923 p – 1ST .

- ‘Creilman’ is also grandfather of ‘Topman’ (00-2146845) that won St Ghislain 511 p – 2nd,  Chantilly 367 p – 1st,  Etampes 991 p – 2nd, S-National NPO Etampes 11,162 p – 5th (his sister won 6th S National), S-National NPO Orleans 17,992 p – 7th .

- 01-1886536, another descendant of ‘Creilman’ won Chantilly 5,117 p – 1st,  Pont 4,220 p – 4th,  Etampes 2,825 p – 4th and so on and was 2nd Olympiad bird Holland. 



It would lead too far to describe all sensational birds that descend from this pair.

Just a few examples.

- v d Zijdes ‘141’ was National Ace Fond in 2000, his son won National Chateauroux.

- Verkerk’s ‘Alessandro’ was bred by A. S. It is a grandson of 96-5660145 (‘Ace Four’) and is father of ‘Sprint’ (01-1886591), one of the best racers ever, which won:

National Chateauroux NP0 6,664 p – 1st, Provincial Peronne 20,806 p – 2nd,  Pont 3,560 p – 1st, Bourges 3,954 p – 2nd, Niergnies 7,366 p – 13th.

With these results it became 2nd National Ace Long Distance and 3rd best of  Europe, the 2nd best of Europe was ‘141’ also a Schaerlaeckens pigeon!

‘Alessandro’ is also father of ‘Boris’ that was 5th and 7th National Ace Long distance.

‘Boris’ won: Minderhout 2,955 p – 1st, Chantilly 11,235 p – 3rd, Tours 5,562 p – 7th,.

Bourges 5,804 p – 9th Chateauroux 6,190 p – 14th.

AND ‘Alessandro’ is father of 03-1135441 that won:

Etampes 4,879 p – 3rd,  Peronne 5,726 p – 4th, Argenton National 10,502 p – 10th,

Pont 738 p – 1st,  Moeskroen 2,500 p – 9th. .

- Leytens had the 2nd World Champion long distance, the father was a son of ‘Sissi’, Merck had the fastest of 40,000 birds in 2005 with a grandchild of ‘Ace Four’.


ONCE MORE 96-5660145 (‘ACE FOUR’)

‘Ace Four’ won in 14 days’ time (Provincial).

Etampes 7,572 p – 12th,  Chantilly 9,700 p – 23rd,  Creil 13,948 p – 6th. As a yearling he won 2nd against 15,627 pigeons in hard weather, beaten by a loft mate.

The sister of ‘Ace Four’ (96-5660144 ‘Supertje’) that was 2nd Provincial Ace won: 

324 p – 1st  218 p – 1st  193 p – 1st  688 p – 1st  559 p – 1st  533 p – 1st  1,514 p – 1st.

‘Supertje’ is mother of 98-1326882 (‘Turbo’) that was 1st Provincial Ace in 1999.

Supertje is gr.mother of 02-5261562 that was 3rd NATIONAL Ace Fond. He won:

Orleans 5,154 p – 1st, Orleans National 7,093 p – 1st, Vierzon National 6,727 p – 8th.

‘Supertje’ is also gr.mother of the best pigeon of Germany in 2005.

A sister of the father of ‘Ace Four’ and ‘Supertje’ (96-5660164) won 1st prize against 24,026 pigeons, a halfbrother (98-5812185) was 2nd Prov Ace Sprint (3,500 fanciers).

In 1997 A S won 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from Niergnies (2,764 birds) Those birds, the so called ‘the Dream Team’ beat 30,000 birds in speed and were all descendants of ‘Mattens’ and ‘Ace Four’.

‘Davida’ (04-2147331), a daughter of 5660145 was 1st Ace in Combine in 2005.

00-0078193 a son of ‘Ace Four’ was 2 times fastest whole release appr.14,000 p.


'Ad Schaerlaeckens' famous Ace Four' 



Plaizier won 12,000 p – 4th, 18,800 p – 8th with a grandson ‘Ace Four’, Schwichtenberg became 1st Champion of ALL GERMANY (appr 60,000 fanciers),  Jeene had 3rd National Ace (35,000 fanciers) (gr.son 96-5660144, v d Brandt was  Champion of appr 4,000 fanciers with this bloodline and so was H van Doorne. 

The best racer that ‘Ace Four’ produced was 98-5812162 (‘Home Alone’).


98-5812162 ‘(‘HOME ALONE’)

won on Provincial level:

1,897 p – 1st, 2,573 p – 1st,  1,114 p – 3rd, 13,203 p – 1st  (headwinds, 7 minutes ahead), 14,320 p – 8th,  7,521 p – 7th,  6,969 p – 6th


98-5812162 is an outstanding breeder as well.

- He is father of 04-2147026 that won 1,343 p – 1st and 9,526 p – 2nd in 2005.

- He is grandfather of 5th and 8th National Chateauroux 6,700 p.

- He is grandfather of 9th National Ablis 13,674 p.

- He is grandfather of a bird that won 10,184 p 1st for Mr Pinto.

- He is grandfather of 03-0376794 that won for Zoontjens National Chateauroux 14,898 p – 4th, National La Souterraine 9,319 p – 4th and Argenton 1,141 p – 1st.

- v d Putten won 5th and 7th National Toury with grandchildren ‘Home Alone’.


98-1326845 (‘BEAUTY’)

‘Beauty’ is a sister of ‘Home Alone’ and mother of  Verkerk’s ‘Alessandro’ .

She is also gr.mother of 03-1234922 that won Chantilly 17,060 pigeons – 2nd.

And 98-1326845 is gr.mother 02-0236306 that won Chantilly 4,100 p – 1st and Chantilly 9,884 p – 2nd.


97-1642130 ‘ZIEKEN’

97-1642130 is a brother of ‘Home Alone and 98-1326845.

- He is father of 98-1326809 that won 13th National Orleans and 98-1326808 that won 500 p – 1st, 267 p – 1st, 705 p – 1st, 198 p – 1st, 480 p – 1st, 1,366 p – 3rd,  8,768 p – 3rd.

- 97-1642130 is gr.father 04-2055223 that won 7th National Bourges (21,940 p) and 9th Nat. Bourges (12,755 p) for Vanlint. He was best yearling Belgium in 2005 (BDS). 

- 97-1642130 is also gr.father of ‘Anita’ that won 1st National Vichy, 1st Toury (1.984 p) 2nd National Argenton (4,723 p) 15th National Vichy (11,488 p). It was Olympiad bird in Porto (raced by Vanlint). 



95-2067230 (brother ‘Ace Four’) is father 02-1739790 that won Harchies 5,794 p – 1st and Strombeek 8,621 p – 1st.

02-1739790 is father 03-1234922 that won 17,060 p – 2nd, 8,841 p – 14th, and 14,467 p – 15th whereas his sister 02-1739791 won 6 x 1st.

95-230 is also gr.father 2nd and 3rd National Troyes appr 30,000 birds.



Since the Schaerlaeckens birds are doing outstanding both at his loft and at others’

it stands to reason they became immensely popular and were often the highest priced at recent auctions.  

A 3 months old daughter ‘Home Alone’ was auctioned in January 2006 for no less than € 4,800, which was by far the highest priced bird of 10 European champions.

The Schaerlaeckens birds are pretty small sized with surprisingly soft feathering.

They have smart eyes with small pupils that see everything.

But most importantly they are birds that win. 

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