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Willem de Bruijn 2

In the previous edition I described how W de Bruijn, the super star from Holland, built up his family of birds.

And I mentioned the golden move he did early this century: The import of a bird from Meire and scores of birds from Leo Heremans that made

de Bruijn even better than he already was.

The Heremans birds themselves were almost unbeatable, for the crossing of these birds with his own old family I have no words.

I daresay that the results at de Bruijns were partly responsible for the Heremans hype of today. 12 Of the 60 birds that were purchased were real good, or 20%. Naturally he got rid of the other 80%.

ONLY 80% rubbish?

Two birds of ten that are real good? All those who are realistic will admit this is exceptional. Some of those Heremans stars you find below. The stuff is less boring as it may seem, if you study the results well.  


"Kleine Blauwe" (B-05-6045556).

The Belgian band shows this is a direct Heremansbird.

The father is a brother to famous "Rossi".

The mother is bred from "Blauw Kampioentje", the mother of "Jan" and halfsister of "Wonder Aske". "Kleine Blauwe" became father or grandfather of:

- 1st Creil 2.648 p.

- "Joep" that won 3 x 1st and 5 x 2nd.

- "Jeroen" that became 4th National Ace pigeon.

- 11th best cock of Holland.

- "Olympic Schanulleke", which became 1st National Ace long Distance in ALL National competitions and Olympiad bird as well. It won, read and shiver:

- 3rd Orleans 6.951 p.

- 8th Orleans 10.375 p.

- 8th Tours 9.061 p.

- 26th Vierzon 11.674 p.

- 21st Orleans 7.259 p.

- 10th Argenton 3.128 p.

Her mother is "Granieda" another granddaughter of "Super Schalie"

"Favori" (B-05-6045542).

"Favori" is again a direct Heremans, and what kind of. In its pedigree we see famous birds such as "Brother Kannibaal van Dijck", "Blauw Kampioentje" (mother Jan), "Olympiad 003", "Wonder Aske", "Goudklompje".

Also this bird had to prove herself in the races before it was worth a nest box in the stock loft, typical de Bruijn style.

"Favori" herself became 10th National Ace BOTB in 2006 and is mother of:

- "Zidane" (07-614) that became 2nd National Ace BOTB and 6th National Ace short distance NPO in 2008.

"Carina" (3rd S National Breisach 8.445 p).

"Blue Favori (07-749) that won:

- 1st Peronne 43.623 p.

- 1st Orleans 10.375 p.

- 6th Creil 20.236 p.

- 12h Peronne 22.790 p

- 13th Marienbourg 19.602 p.

-  Rosalinde (08-464), 3rd best hen of Holland.

- And "Favori" is mother of sensational "Charony"  that won in 8 days" time:

1st Nanteuil 17.186 p and 2nd Bourges (16.843 p) !!!


"Fairy tale" (06-1071928).

"Fairy Tale" was bred by de Bruijn from two DIRECT Heremansbirds: "Fantast" x "Fina". "Fina" is a daughter of famous "Rossi"  x "Spinneke".

"Fairy Tale" won 1st from 693 birds and 1st Provincial Ables (2.764 p). That was  good enough to put her in the stock loft. She became mother of:

- "Olympic Hurricane" (10-185) that won:

- 1st Ablis 2.193 p

- 1st Pommeroel 2.753 p.

- 7th Duffel 5.535 p and much more. "Olympic Hurricane" became 3rd National Ace ybirds (BOTB), it was Olympiad bird as well and became father of

"Olympic Froome (11-433) that won:

- 1st Argenton 1.262 p.

- 1st Peronne 1.689 p.

- 4th Mantes 10.466 p.

- 4th Pommeroel 3.105 p.

- 10th Nijvel. 6.019 p.

And, it is amazing, also "Olympic Froome" became Olympiad bird (Nitra).

Furthermore "Fairy tale" is mother of:

"Tineke" (11-1742359) that won Peronne 19.278 p - 1st.

"Lisa" (11-182), another daughter of "Fairy Tale", won: 650 p  - 1st, 672 p - 1st, 387 p - 1st, 3.062 p - 2nd and S National Bourges 7.586 p - 8th.

Does "Fairy Tale" deserve her name?

"Fairy Tale" is halfsister "of Blue Fame" (07-760) that was 5th National Ace young birds and 11th best hen of Holland in 2009. (WHZB).  

"Blue Flame" won 6.255 p - 2nd, 4.727 p - 5th, 8.851 p - 11th, 20.236 p - 23rd, 12.768 p - 22nd. And "Blue Flame" in her turn is mother of 1st - 1.994 p.  2nd  - 1.992 p, 1st - 5.535 p, 2nd - 1.063 pigeons and so on.

Getting dizzy? There are many more you should not miss, but I will pick out just one: "Hestia".

Fairy Tale

"Hestia" (B-05-6045569).

 "Hestia" is again a direct Heremansbird.

She became 5th best youngster Holland WHZB and is mother of:

- 1st Nanteuil 14.669 p.

- 1st Mantes 11.778 p.

- 1st Chalons 11.853 p.

- 1st Pommeroel 6.082 p.  And understandably much more.  

"Hestia" is grandmother of "Forezza, 4th best young bird Holland in 2010.  I want to finish with the best racer in the loft in 2012 and 2013. "Jacob" is the name.


"Jacob" (11-1742183).

"Jacob" is a grandson of "Zidane", mentioned before.

The mother "Janneke" (08-341) is a daughter of "Kleine Blauwe" x "Granieda".  Main results of "Jacob":

- 1st Lisquin 4.904 p.

- 2nd Lille 16.450 p

- 9th Chateauroux 13.512 p.

- 1st Pommeroel 719 p.

- 13th Nanteuil 8.986 p.

- 21st Tours 11.759 p.

- 7th Meer 3.062 p.

- 12th Duffel 4.454 p and again' Much more of course.

"Jacob" became 4th best cock of Holland in 2013 and won no less than 15 times in 1st One percent.

And what is typical for the de Bruijn birds in general and this bird in particular?

* "Jacop" was top from Chateauroux (9th prize from 13.512 birds), no less than  621 kilometres. Strong headwinds that day and consequently a low speed of 1.131 mpm.

* And it was also top from Meer (7th prize from 3.062 birds) which is 62 kilometres only. Tailwinds then with a speed of 1.511 mpm.

So the bird was very early from a hard long distance race and very early from a pure sprint race as well with tail winds. 

Furthermore "Jacob" was raced from the end of March till Middle September!

I find it unbelievable.



Unfortunately I have to restrict myself, if not this report would be a book soon.

Many real good birds that are ignored would be stars in the loft of others.

Pigeons such as:  

- "Nationaaltje": Best bird of Holland in 1996.

- 88-854. (Prins) 5th best cock of Holland in 1990.

- 96-411: 6th best cock of Holland.

- 98-995: (mother Olympic Zeus) 9th best hen of Holland.

- 04-363: Won 10.652 p 1st and 4.250 p - 1st.

- 97-611: 2nd World Champion V L 1997.

- 96-505: 5th best ybird of Holland and one year later 5th best hen.

- 02-468: (Pettachi) Won 4 firsts.

- 13-357: (Wiske) Won: 10.767 - 2nd, 4.530 p - 1st and 4.092 p - 2nd.

- 09-617: (Katinka) won: 1.675 p - 2nd, 2.381 p - 3d, 608 p - 1st, 4.078 p - 12th.

This "Katinka" is mother of "Sietske" (09-185) that won 14.964 p- 3d, 8.345 p - 6th,

12.765 p - 15th, 6.9851 p - 9th.



I did not mention:

- 11-348: ("Vanilla") 3rd National Ace BOTB

- 09-288: ("Rowi") mother of 8th from 13.199 birds and 2nd from 9.015 birds.

- 10-120: ("Koen") 10th best cock of Holland.

- 11-359: ("Tineke") 1st Peronne 19.278 p.

- 05-589: ("Borias") 5th best cock of Holland.

- 00-045: 1st National Ace NPO.

- 94-021: ("Victory") 1st best cock Holland in 1995.

- 96-405: ("Jaap") Best young bird of Holland.

- 10-012: ("Naila") that won: 1st - 14,699 p and 1st - 11.778 p. 

- 07-805: ("Brutus") that won: 19.602 p - 3rd, 1.308 p - 1st, 1.202 p - 1st, 22.790 p - 7th. Did I exaggerate when I said: "W de Bruijn is the best?"

This year (2013) in the national competition "BOTB" no less than nine de Bruijn pigeons were classified in the first fifty in the category "All Round".



After this you may wonder:

- Is this de Bruijn located so well?

- Does he owe his breath taking results to training, special feeding, medication or

secrets may be? The fanciers mentioned below have got the answer to this question.

They imported de Bruijn pigeons and found themselves winners on NATIONAL level shortly after. And believe it or not, I have to make choices again. There are too many of them. The Aces of those champions were direct de Bruijn birds or bred from de Bruijn birds. Who in this world can show off with such a list?


- G and S Verkerk:

3rd Olympiad bird (2007).

1st NPO S National Blois 20.755 birds (!).  

Friend and neighbour and Super champion as well
Bas Verkerk
. After a half de Bruijn duif beat 20.755 pigeons
from Blois he had he reason to smile.

- L Sioen Belgium:

1st NATIONAL Poitiers 13.135 yrls with a pure de Bruijn (2013).


- K Lippens Belgium:

2nd NATIONAL Bourges 11.883 yrls, a pure de Bruijn (2013).     


- Michel Vanlint Belgium (and that is REALLY IMPRESSING):

1st NATIONAL Geuret, fastest of 14,497 pigeons (2013).

1st NATIONAL La Souterraine 3.150 p. Bred by de Bruijn!!  (2004)

1st NATIONAL Vichy 2.458 p in 2004 and Olympiad bird in 2005. Bred by de Bruijn.

1st NATIONAL La Souterraine 13.965 p. (2006)

3rd OLYMPIAD BIRD long distance. Poznan. Bred by de Bruijn. (2011).


- T Bosma:

2nd Olympiad bird yearlings (2013).


- C Everling (one of de Bruijns closest friends)

1st OLYMPIAD BIRD yearlings in 2011 and also 1st OLYMPIAD bird yearlings 2013.


- J v d Pasch:

2nd OLYMPIAD bird all round (2013).

3rd OLYMPIAD bird yearlings (2013).

1st S-National NPO Pithiviers 12.987 p.

1st NATIONAL ACE youngsters 2013.

2nd NATIONAL ACE youngsters 2010.

1st S-National NPO Tours 13.244 p.

1st National Ace y birds 2009.

1st best hen of Holland in 2012.

V d Pasch was already a great champion. He bought pigeons from de Bruijn and is so honest as to say "this is the best thing I ever did. Willem must have wonderbirds."


- Albert Derwa Belgium:

This sympathetic fancier became NATIONAL Champion Belgium Yearlings in 2012.

Two superbirds were responsible for it. One was bred by de Bruijn.


- Cassaert-Senechal Belgium:

This man has had super birds all his life that are popular all over the world. In 2011 he had a bird that was even better than his own family. It became 2nd NATIONAL ACE KBDB Middle distance and was a PURE de Bruijn.


- G and S Verkerk:

3rd Olympiad bird (2007).

1st NPO S National Blois 20.755 birds (!).  


A v d Burg:

1st Provincial Mantes 23.851 pigeons !!

1st Provincial Nanteuil 30.013 pigeons !! This bird was bred by de Bruijn.

Anton v d Burg, one of the many that were successful
with de Bruijnbirds.


H Calon:

1st Provincial Orleans 6.036 pigeons. Bred by W de Bruijn.


Borgmans Bros:

1st NPO S National Sens 9.437 pigeons. (2013).


J Kuijzer

Best short distance pigeon of Holland NPO (2013).


Did I say that de Bruijn one had the SEVEN best hens of Holland in the NATIONAL Competition WHZB?

No, I did not.

Did I mention race results of this loft?

No, I did not.

But there are so many good birds, sensational results and Ace pigeons that I did not mention. But there is ONE result I want to show you. That is the result of the last race of 2013 from Mantes, 400 kilometres. He had entered 160 birds, yes that is a lot, but' no less than 124 of them were prize winners and that is also a lot! The entry of this provincial race was 2.050 birds. De Bruijn won, fasten seatbelts, SEVENTEEN PRIZES IN THE FIRST TWENTY:

Or to be more precise from 2.050 birds: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.  

In the past I thought competition was poor where he races. Now the Belgians know better and I know better. I also have a de Bruijn bird, only a yearling.

It won:

- 2nd NPO S National Pithiviers from no less than 15.770 birds. Over 400 kilometres and strong head winds. 

- 3rd NPO S National Orleans 7.743 birds. 450 kms.

- 2nd Sint Quentin 6,069 birds.

If these prizes were won by 3 birds it would be amazing.

But they were won by just one bird. Who else than W de Bruijn can breed such pigeons? From Sint Quentin it was only beaten by a loft mate, a grandchild of

of Home Alone. Given all the firsts won by de Bruijn I wonder how many Home Alones or is it Homes Alone he has!!!!

Who would not smile with a bird that he got as present
that won: 
- S-National NPO Pithiviers 15.770 birds 2nd.
- S- National NPO Orl'ans 7.743 birds 3rd.
- St Quentin 6.069 birds 2nd (Only beaten by loft mate).