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West European Country Cup

17th January 2004 was a great day for many European fanciers.
In Dortmund (Germany) the awards were announced for the so called ‘West European Country Cup’.

Classification per country:
1. The Netherlands
2. Germany.
3. Belgium
4. France
5. Luxembourg.

Individual classifications per bird :

a. Short Distance
1. Heremans Ceusters Belgium.
2. Deutsch Germany
3. Gommaar and Son Belgium
4. Troubat France
5. J v d Pasch The Netherlands.

b. Middle Distance
1. F Petrowitz Germany
2. H Bamberger Germany
3. J Ruland Germany
4. P v d Merwe The Netherlands
5. G en S Verkerk The Netherlands.

c. Long distance
1. M Vink the Netherlands
2. R v d Zijde The Nederlands.
3. G and S Verkerk The Netherlands
4. Patricia Verhagen Belgium
5. Leekens – Belgium.

d. All Round.
1. Comb Gerritsen The Netherlands.
2. Comb Hofman The Netherlands.
3. Heidel en Neurohr Germany
4. C f v Graaff The Netherlands.
5. M Spalart France.

Note :
Some interesting conclusions can be made.
The best European Short distance bird (Heremans Ceusters) and the Long distance bird (M Vink) are both desendants of Kannibaal Van Dijck that was in 1996 Nationaal Ace. M Vink got that bloodline via Koopman.

The 2nd best West European Long Distance bird ( 2 races only though) belongs to Mr v d Zijde. The bird won S National Bourges and is a son of 98-1015141 that was national Ace long distance.
R v d Zijde got his National Ace 98-141 from Ad Schaerlaeckens, the bird is in Taiwan now. Also his father 97-1740980 (a son of Ad Schaerlaeckens’ ‘Sissi’ is in Taiwan the lofts of Mr Lin Yun Ta.
Also the 3rd best Long distance bird of Western Europe, from G and S Verkerk, is bred from a Schaerlaeckenspigeon (descendant 96-5660145, a gr.son of Sissi).
Heremans Ceusters, owner of the best Short Distance bird had bad luck. Normally he would also have had 3rd best Ace Short Distance of Western Europe but due to a dumb mistake it was not classified.