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Beware (08-09-21)


There are quite a few (great) champions who claim that they have already tried all supplements possible, but never did they see any improvement in condition. I don't believe in supplements that are often advertised so aggressively either. Not even in vitamins. Of course, many will think differently about that and that is no problem at all.

But what is certain is that those believers have to be careful in hot weather. Some vitamins dissolved in water are known to have 'perished' within 10 minutes. With this weather, the stuff can even become toxic (toxic). You can see that in the discolored water.

A sympathetic email from 'a fan' in Antwerp inspired me to write this little article. The man had studied all my results and was shocked. ‘How can you be so outstanding in all kinds of weather? Not only one year, but your whole career. And he wanted to know what was in the drinking bowl after the flight. "Water" I replied. Because it could come across as a bit unfriendly, it was explained. The bottom part was that healthy people and pigeons can miss antibiotics. After all, every drug is known to have adverse side effects and vials from which you can pour the form  still do not exist. 

And how those good performances every year and nearly every race were possible? While others spent a (half) human life looking for better vets, better medicines and better supplements I was always looking for better pigeons. Never regretted it. 

I had a special relation with Jos Klak. He repeatedly visited me to see the home coming of my birds. His wife Marie loved the sea. Now you must know that Klak always let the youngsters out  at the same hour after noon. Then that day came with that fantastic weather and he and Marie went to sea early on. Before they left early in the morning, he let the youngsters out. But what a disaster. In the evening, when they returned home, he quickly looked in the lofts and that was a shock. Half of his babies were gone and none of them ever returned.   

The moral: It is fine to let your babies train ever day at the same time, but  don't deviate from that.  Not even to make them train in the chill in the morning. 

I saw an add in which direct pigeons from Leo Heremans were offered for sale. Why were those birds sold? “Too many good birds” one could read. “Too many good birds?” This sentence alone was reason for me to have a closer look at the add. And what did I see? All those Leo Heremans birds were 3 to 5 years old. So junk for sure.

It reminded me again of Klak. He had a so called black list. That was a list of fanciers who could not buy his birds any more, because he saw them advertise his birds. What was the case? A fancier bought for example 10 babies. If he was lucky 2 or 3 were ok, the others were sold. And since Klak himself was reasonable ewith his prices they were sold for more money than that was paid for them.

Sten achieved with pigeons from me 9 victories from 11 races. Joop Merx won 1st  and 2nd prize Provincial Lorris against 6.200 pigeons. My bloodlines. Falco Ebben wins the 1st prize against more than 8,000 pigeons with a gr.daughter 'Indy', (descendant Home Alone). Mr Meyers won 2nd and 3rd from over 8,000 pigeons and Mr Broos 3 birds in first 10 from over 10.000 birds while Mr Fincken  had the fastest from the total release. Mr de Langhe a fantastic results with birds from me and Mr van Heteren won 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from an entry of over 1.600 pigeons with off spring of my birds. All this in ONE weekend. Always fun when fellow fanciers are successful with your birds.