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My idea (15-10-22)

My idea

 About this and the next article I have thought a little more than usual. Not so much about the content, but whether I would write them. The names of medicines are discussed and I know from experience how dangerous that is. Because writing about medicines when you are performing? Success assured!
The belief in the bottle, the pill or the syringe is so deeply embedded in many that you will never get it out. It is the cork on which the losers in pigeon sport float.

But all those who believe that it can be achieved with the magic bottle and the magic bottle alone are on their way to the same final destination: Disillusionment. You don't become a champion through knowledge of medicine, the champions don't owe their status to secrets. Those who can confirm that are the champions themselves!


I still am going to write what is on my mind, knowing that fanciers will make mistakes after reading, but I can console myself with the thought that they are bad readers.
The article has also come about because of the immeasurable amount of nonsense you hear and read. Mostly from people, including even veterinarians, who prove by their own poor performance that they do not know what they are talking about.
And who are the victims?

-Other non-achieving fanciers in their eternal search for means to make pigeons fly, they try everything.

- Beginners too. We are all fine if someone starts with pigeons. We warmly welcome them. “Again another one.” (hmm, “again?”) After the warm welcome he is initially helped and then? Then he has to figure it out for himself. And that is what he does.
Not hindered by knowledge and motivated by the secrecy that is typical of the pigeon sport, he goes in search of 'that which the champions will keep quiet'.
And where else can he gain knowledge than from advertisements (propaganda) and fellow sportsmen?
And it is here that they face a problem. They do not realize that propaganda is often made to make the cash register ring.


In other sports you get lessons to improve your skills. Take tennis, football, billiards, skating, you name it: You need to take lessons first, then sport or competition. Only pigeon sport is different.
The man who starts with pigeons in all his ignorance must immediately fight the most experienced star. Of course he loses. And he starts to doubt. Isn't he performing because he doesn't have the stuff champions do have?


What ignorance can lead to is apparent from the example of that Limburg guy. The good man was struggling with his health and so did his pigeons. That is why help was called in. The 'helper' saw it immediately: "Water veins, but something could be done about it."
A week later there were containers with plaster around the lofts. And the solution would be in that plaster; something that would divert the water veins: costs 1,500 €.
That was a lot of money, but he had no choice. The result? Unfortunately, the pigeons kept doing what they did before: arriving from the races hopelessly late. Not surprisingly, the man became a bit suspicious and started to examine those mysterious containers for their contents.
They were smashed with an ax and what emerged next nearly took his breath away.
A rusted grid in one box, and... you wouldn't think it possible, rings to hang curtains from in the other.


And then you should know he already spent money on a 'matchmaker', someone who knew flawlessly which cocks suited which hens and who was so kind as to help the fanciers in that. For a 'modest' fee. Boy o boy.
Do not believe those traders in illusions, dear fanciers. They are less humane than their advertisements would have you believe. What am I saying? They are miscreants!They wear the pious mask of the man who wants to help, but at the same time they have their pockets full of nails with which to nail you to the cross.They try to tell you that your performance in the pigeon sport is meaningless if you don't give that stuff that 'the champions have always carefully kept silent but now make it public so that everyone can benefit from it.'
They are brokers in castles in the air. They bless you with the left hand, but with the right they steal your wallet from your back pocket.


Pigeons can fail for various reasons.The most common is that they are worth nothing.But isn't that the last thing most fanciers think or want to think about? And that is why too many bad pigeons escape the Grim Reaper's scythe in the annual final selection.Of course, 'always being late' can also have other reasons.I refuse to believe that there are still fanciers with a loft of pigeons of which not one is able to win a decent prize.
Thirty pigeons entered and only one late prize?Then something is wrong; Maybe no condition?And it is here that people make mistakes. Because... 'no condition' does not mean 'so sick', even if they think so. And some are going to give medicines, against which they don't know. So the effect is the same as trying to remove stains with shoe polish.Or is there nothing at all? Do the champions owe their successes to quality and quality alone? That's another extreme!


Saving money by ignoring the vet and acting yourself is something very few can afford and has already led to a lot of disaster. And what to do if there is no good vet in a wide area, at least not someone who knows something about pigeons? Because let's be; one vet is not the other. Only a select few have specialized.
They did not gain their knowledge during their studies (pigeons are hardly discussed there), they have developed themselves. I personally never go to a vet, but I advise against following me. At least for the majority.


Read what I experienced myself in 2011 (because you never forget such a year). The pigeons were never really tight, youngsters did not come up nicely, real stars got  lost. It was reminiscent of paratyphus, but that seemed impossible.
After all, the pigeons were cured every year. A consulted vet also did not think of paratyphoid. Couldn't I go on like this? I had to do something.
The birds were treated against all possible ailments, but there was never any improvement. Until Dr. Stijn Gijsbrechts was visited. Definitely paratyphoid, he concluded. There was a cure (Baytril), after that the birds were examined again and the following year the youngsters won the 1st Championship HaFo in the then 'umbrella combine' Union Antwerp and ZAV.


 My 'good yearling'. Stay away with medicine from birds in such a good shape. You will only harm them.