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Turkey: Boy oh boy (31-10-22)

Turkey: Boy oh boy (30-10-22)

 A demand from Turkey for some babies. Turkey? The first time ever a demand from that country. Never even emailed anyone before.
Now I happened to have some babies of very good origin. Shouldn't sell such birds  to him, on the other hand it would have been a good entry point there, certainly because they were also beautiful.

‘Forget the Chinese and let this man be lucky’, I thought. And mailed he could have the birds. Four total. I smelt he was kind of middle man and therefore he got a special price. In fact this would cost me money, since others would pay double for such quality.  


But who can describe my surprise that he was not happy with my gesture. He wanted other birds, descendants of Sissi. And he sent some pedigrees of pigeons from around the turn of the century. He wanted brothers or sisters of these.
I thought: 'Another pedigree man, completely brainwashed, with whom it will never work out. He will never be a successful racer. Too bad for the guy.’
It's something like that with names. In many countries, don't come up with names of the best players of today, they probably don't know them. I wrote earlier about that foreigner who wanted pigeons of mine.

I sent him some pedigrees of what I had available and after receiving them he apologized. In some was v d Wouwerblood. He had never heard of him and if it was ok for me if he did not take them.
It was at the time that Gaston charged 125 euros for a young pigeon. How crushing the irony of fate can be turned out later, when the same man would still beg for vd Wouwer pigeons.


When a foreigner who is new for me contacts me I often asked: ‘Which strains are popular in your country?’
But I stopped asking this, because the answer is mostly the same: They come up with names that are completely forgotten here now. Names that are history. Names that were good some decades ago. Or that were never good.
They seldom come up with the names of to-day’s stars. They will do that 10 years later. When the quality of their birds has gone down and prices for their birds have risen dramatically.


The 4 birds that the Turkish sportsman had turned down (pedigrees not good enough), are now in the loft of a great Dutch champion. You cannot believe how happy he is.  

One of my to-day's top racers. Very little Sissi blood in it. Also its sister is a super.