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Advice and slogans (20-02-23)

Opinions slogans of A S.

  1. Many pigeon fanciers attach too little value to quality and too much to trivial details.
  2. When purchasing pigeons, also pay attention to the strength of the competition. You have a better chance in a region where people specialize. Good results and even first prizes do not mean much. What also counts is where and against whom they were won.
  3. Health must come first in selection. With healthy pigeons you can hardly make mistakes, if there is something wrong with health, you can hardly do anything right.
  4. If two pigeons from the same nest both perform super, breed from them! The chance that they give good ones is great. Conversely, a good racer without a good family is rarely a good breeder.
  5. Fanciers looking for better supplements, better vitamins, a better loft, better feed and so on should be more empirical. Do a test with some of the pigeons and then compare. Example: If you believe in vitamins, give only half of your birds vitamins and compare condition and results with the others later on.
  6. Medicines are designed to cure disease, not to improve results or win races.
  7. Pigeons that give only good things only exist in the imagination and in sales lists.
  8. Rather breed from your best racers than from their brothers, sisters, pedigree pigeons.
  9. Prefer youngsters that won leading prizes at roughly 1,600 mpm AND 1,200 mpm. as well above youngsters who won many average prizes 'in the middle'.
  10. With some publications it can be enlightening to ask yourself why they were written and by whom. If it is not stated how many pigeons were entered and how many prizes won, stop reading. Also be careful with old pigeons that are offered for sale.
  11. There should be no pots with grit or mineral powder in a pigeon loft. You should give that regularly FRESH.
  12. Do not release pigeons in the evening in rainy weather. If they go into the night in the dark, they will not move, therefore do not dry up, which means losing condition.


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