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Feminist (10-01-23)

According to a friend of my daughter-in-law. She didn't want to think about a family member having pigeons. Her husband loved golf, she loved "being creative". "Be creative?" Is that so far above pigeons?
She and another couple  of ‘hats’ work with clay, cut corks and do other things that all girls used to do. Only now it is called "being creative" and they also receive a subsidy for it.
I would say "take away their subsidy and they get really creative". We pigeon fanciers also hold our own without subsidy, don't we? In fact, we donate. We fly for charitable causes.
Once I heard such a girl group at my son's house. They were talking about men. Two of them admitted to never having been approached sexist.
They were not too handsome and perhaps that is why I got the impression that they deeply regretted it. It was the president and the secretary of the hat club, but of course that proves nothing and may be a coincidence….