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Recent results

Results 2018 and 2017

Release station. Number of prizes that were won/Entry. So from Quievrain (first race) 29 birds were entered (my whole team) and 23 prizes were won. One week later from Noyon the same. And so on.

Quievrain          23/29

Noyon                 23/29

Noyon                 22/29

Chevrain            10/11

Chevrain            16/18

Chevrain            16/22

Chevrain            10/12

Melun                  11/11

Orleans              4/4

Noyon                 6/6

Chevrain            5/6

Ecouen              21/24

Ecouen              10/12

Melun                  22/24

Chevrain            18-20

Chevrain            9/10

Melun                  9/10

Melun                  7/7

Melun                  4/4

Melun                  7/8

Young birds     2018

Melun                 6/6

Noyon                 17/22

Noyon                 21/28

Noyon                 15/22

Noyon                 16/18

Melun                  8/8

Noyon                 21/24

Pont                    18/24

Races with  a prize percentage that other fanciers have only once a year or not even that were normal for us. Fellow fanciers say 'no one else can compare'. With young birds all first championships were won. I also won the over-all championship, before Loft Vercammen.

With yearlings we ended 2nd Over All (behind Vercammen). Since we do not want to keep more than 13 couples we had to get rid of birds that had won more than 30 prizes. Also young birds that had won 8 prizes from 8 races were removed. In other words: Birds that would be top racers in other lofts were not good enough for us.