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Articles English 2017

Fancy pigeons (July 16)

Let there be no doubt, Belgium is the cradle of the pigeon racing sport. Pigeon racing in Belgium began early in the last century, up to the middle of the 1930’s and immediately after the war, the pigeon racing sport exploded there

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Good and bad people (July 11)

Among pigeon fanciers you have all sorts of people. Some love this sport because of the friendships, the nice social contacts, and all the fun that they have with fellow sportsmen.

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It is about 10 years ago that I wrote an article about, let’s call him Mr X. Why Mr X and not his name or initials?

Because it is not so nice what I have to say about him and I do not want to find another bomb under my bed.


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Water and moisture (June 30th)

Water and moisture play a very important role in our lives. In fact, 'without', no life would be possible. In a dry summer, especially farmers and gardeners will know what I am talking about. Also in pigeon sport there is a lot to tell about moisture and water.


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About forums (June 14th 2017)

There were those days in which I regularly participated in forums or in a quiz like they say in England. On such occasions fanciers can ask a champion questions.

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A forgotten item (May 2017)

Sunday May 14th 2017. Bright weather and slight tailwinds. As usual the Antwerp fanciers had two short distance races, one from Quievrain, about 120 kms, and one from Noyon 220 kms.


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L Stabel and son saw the light

Goirle is a little town in the Netherlands near the Belgian border. On summer evenings you see that pigeon sport is still alive there. Everywhere you see groups of pigeons training and among them one real big group. The ‘big group’ are the birds that belong to Louis Stabel and his son Eugene.  


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Expensive lesson (May 8th).

And there it was again, a mail from Eva. Eva is the wife of a foreign fancier who has been asking me in the last 3 years for ‘good addresses’ to buy pigeons. Like he did a long time ago.

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The power of coincidence (18 april)

Little things may have big consequences. This may be in a negative sense (at the wrong time at the wrong place) but apparently trivial things may bring good luck as well.


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Heading for the disillusion

There are those days that I wonder if something is wrong with me.

But I find it more interesting to ask myself if the club mates are nuts.

Even more interesting is the question if you, dear reader, perhaps need a shrink.

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A, B, C and D (april 4th 2017)

A strange headline, I know, and it needs some explanation indeed. The letters A, B, C and D stand for the names of fanciers. I prefer not to mention their real names, since I do not want to hurt people or their business. Just want to open eyes.


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The longer I am in this sport and the more familiar I became with great champions

the more sceptical I became concerning additives and all kinds of stuff to support.

Good pigeons in a good loft in the hands of a good handler is what matters.


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Not in the mood

More mails than I get now I actually don't want to get. Nevertheless, I answer them as much as possible. It is already hard enough to contact me by phone and I do not want to lose more fans (lol).

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20-02-17 18:13:59: Ad Schaerlaeckens:

Omar thanks,




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Here we go again (febr 19th)

Unbelievable how much stuff there is on the market to ‘increase the health of pigeons’, or like they say ‘to make pigeons fly faster’. The shelves in the pigeon stores are filled with all kinds of boxes, bottles, powders, lotions that all promise the same thing: Successes !


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