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The longer I am in this sport and the more familiar I became with great champions the more sceptical I became concerning additives and all kinds of stuff to support. Good pigeons in a good loft in the hands of a good handler is what matters. There is no single bottle from which we can pour that coveted form that we all desire. Not even medicine

But… A few years ago, I noticed that all ‘the big boys’ in the Berlaar and Zandhoven region have almost without exception garlic in the drinker in winter. So what have I been doing since a couple of years? Put garlic in the drinker.  About garlic you can indeed read a lot of good. It would be a natural antibiotic and it prevents a lot of diseases. Yet it is controversial in science, just as much as vitamins.

Today I discussed it with veterinarian Marien, who is as sceptical as me by nature. Or even more. Furthermore, I would not know of any vet who races as well he does. And champions have a to speak. Fernand does not believe in garlic at all, though he admits it does not harm. Of course it does not harm, otherwise the fanciers to whom I referred to could not race so well. The response of the veterinarian is reminiscent of what Dr. Lemahieu once said when we discussed tea and garlic. And he was/is regarded by many as the best in 'pigeon medical field’. Dr. Lemahieu "Tea and garlic? All useless. Yet I am not against. Let the fanciers give tea and garlic, because, if they do so they will not put drugs or other shit in the trough."