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It is about 10 years ago that I wrote an article about, let’s call him Mr X. Why Mr X and not his name or initials? Because it is not so nice what I have to say about him and I do not want to find another bomb under my bed.

This X started racing very well then and he deserved the report. I also told foreigners about him and his pigeons and X, who was completely unknown abroad before, could from then on sell lots of birds. I daresay he even became a wealthy man through me. And he is still doing very well. Some time ago I asked him if I could BUY a pair of babies off his best.

‘I am sorry, I can get more money for these babies from Chinese than I dare ask you’ he reacted. My son heard this and said: ‘You have too much confidence in the human race, the last thing that you can expect from most of them is gratitude. Hmm. There is some truth in it. And unfortunately it is not only ‘people’ that do not know what gratitude is.

You should know that my wife throws some bread and other food that birds like on the lawn every morning. She has been doing so for a couple of years and today the birds are waiting for her every morning. Among them are also some magpies and we were happy with them. We think they will keep hawks and stuff away.

This morning it was the same ritual as usual. She threw bred on the lawn and the magpies came to eat. But that was not it. On the lawn lay also 2 pairs of little socks from my 6 year old grandson. And believe it or not, one of the magpies flew away with a sock. The bastard. We were so good for him all the time. Now we are discussing what we should do to-morrow morning? Food or no food on the lawn? Honestly speaking I am thinking about a gun!  

The bastard !