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Articles 2020 (English)

Paper tiger (04-02-2020)

When, how and who started it? Hmm. Don’t know. I’m talking about making pedigrees, “the sacred pedigree,” that seems to go with every pigeon to-day, as the Eifel Tower goes with Paris

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Once again (03-02-2020)

 More than once, I have tried to put the meaning of pedigrees in the right perspective. A super bird does not guarantee that its parents will ever give another super

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Breed smarter (03-02-20200)

At this time of year, a million or more youngsters will soon be banded in the Netherlands and Belgium. How many of them will be lost before the young bird season begins?

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The psyche of humans and pigeons (24-01-2020)

Since the back surgery was expensive and risky as well I was supposed to have a talk with a shrink. I was shocked when I saw her

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Again light and dark (05-01-2020)

It was in the early 1990s that the pigeon sport gained a new dimension. We had to deal with a new kind of pigeon enthusiast, the so-called young bird specialist

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