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World on fire (28-03-2020)

Now that the world is on fire, pigeon sport is also affected. Of course it is ‘only’ pigeon sport and we have no other choice than to accept it. Normally the racing season here would have started next week, but that will be in May at the earliest, we were told by the Homing Union. But I don't believe in miracles. I think we should be happy when we can play in June and because of a later start I think the racing season will last longer. Maybe until October. How we are going to deal with that? Hmm. That is a difficult question because of so much uncertainty.


-I myself usually start the old bird season with birds that have a baby in the nest. So that is the case now. I play double widowhood, so both sexes. The pigeons will be separated in a week and once they are separated I will let them together for one and a half day once every week. It is real important, especially for yearlings, that cocks and hens will not forget each other. In case we will not be able to race until July, or even worse August, I let them come on eggs for some days.

-With quite a few fellow sportsmen the pigeons have already been separated for weeks. I think it would be better to leave such birds together for a few weeks as well. I just fear that it is difficult to keep pigeons motivated who have been separated for six or seven months


Last year my pigeons achieved unbelievably. Even big names find that in the Middle Distance nobody in Belgium played better. The pigeons performed better as the season progressed. The very last race we started with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th. I had 7 birds in the race and they all 7 won a top prize. When all my 7 birds were home two rhird of the fanciers in the Combine were still waiting for their first pigeon to arrive. All 4 yearlings that I entered also won a very early prize, also to start with 1st.

We started the 2019 season with 12 hens. No less than 8 of them classified with the Ace pigeons in the Combine called ZAV. What I want to say is that our system cannot possibly bad and I am not a real dummy. Talking about my system, darkening the hens is part of it. Even big names were so impressed with the performances of my hens that they will also darken the hens from now on.

But given the special circumstances of today it seems better to also darken the cocks. If the season is extended until September October, you will not want pigeons that are moulting. Pigeons that are moulting do not win prizes. Another advantage of darkening is that it keeps the pigeons calm and that will be necessary with the summer coming.

Because we are going to fly much later than planned, daily training is no longer included. They are now released every other day and as for feeding they get a light mixture with 25% barley.

So this is what I do and NOT what you should do. This is a free world and everybody decides for himself. How you should react also depends on the position of your pigeons now. Little babies in the nest or already being separated for weeks makes all the difference.