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Articles 2020 (English)

Pigeons with a story (1) (12-04-2020)

The dream of every fancier is to have pigeons that perform as young and as old, upwind and downwind, from short distance to 1,100 kilometres

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World on fire (28-03-2020)

Now that the world is on fire, pigeon sport is also affected. Of course it is ‘only’ pigeon sport and we have no other choice than to accept it.

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More details (10-03-2020)

Such a year you will never get again, fanciers said when the 2018 season was ended. After the last season (2019) they did not know what to say. The small team was in super shape, from the first to the very last race.


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My 12 commandments (25-02-2020)

When some colleagues make a report on a champion, they sometimes have them list a dozen things that the champion considers vital to his success.

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Paper tiger (04-02-2020)

When, how and who started it? Hmm. Don’t know. I’m talking about making pedigrees, “the sacred pedigree,” that seems to go with every pigeon to-day, as the Eifel Tower goes with Paris

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Once again (03-02-2020)

 More than once, I have tried to put the meaning of pedigrees in the right perspective. A super bird does not guarantee that its parents will ever give another super

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Breed smarter (03-02-20200)

At this time of year, a million or more youngsters will soon be banded in the Netherlands and Belgium. How many of them will be lost before the young bird season begins?

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The psyche of humans and pigeons (24-01-2020)

Since the back surgery was expensive and risky as well I was supposed to have a talk with a shrink. I was shocked when I saw her

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Again light and dark (05-01-2020)

It was in the early 1990s that the pigeon sport gained a new dimension. We had to deal with a new kind of pigeon enthusiast, the so-called young bird specialist

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