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Some bragging (May 2nd)

Some bragging

 In winter champions in both Holland and Belgium donate voucher. They are auctioned online and the highest bidder can get a young bird for it later in the year. The money is for the club. Long way back, in 2000 my voucher, was the most expensive in Holland. A voucher from Koopman was 2nd most expensive. And my vouchers are still the most expensive. 3.050 euro for a baby that still has to be born, or more than 1,000 euros for a couple of eggs is much indeed. ‘Everything has a reason’ I always say and this has a reason as well: The unequalled successes of my birds in other lofts.


-Once Rens v d Zijde bought 2 birds from me. He formed a pair of them and they became parents of the best long-distance bird of ALL Holland, so 1st National Ace.

-Ulrich had a national Ace and was really unbeatable with birds he got from me, just like Berry v d Brandt.

-I gave Mr Leytens two birds only. One became father of his ‘World Champion’ long distance, the other became mother of 1st Olympiad bird (South Africa) sprint. That bird won many firsts in a competition of up to 6,000 birds.

-Also world famous Verkerk got pigeons from me; He named them ‘Ice Queen’, ‘Alessandro’ and ‘Bubbels’. They became 3 sensational breeders at his place. ‘Ice Queen’ got lost in winter, hence her name, but Bas had a baby from her. It became an Olympiad bird.

‘Alessandro’ (also bred by me) became father of his famous ‘Sprint’ that won S-National Chateauroux in hot weather. The 3rd bird ‘Bubbels’ is a legend. Two years ago Bas won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Provincial from Ruffec, 750 kms, against thousands of birds. They ALL descended from Bubbels, like many of his sensational winners to-day.

-Jespers v d Wegen from Belgium got some birds here. Their youngsters performed sensationally in the Nationals. ‘Fleur’ was one of those fantastic breeders. She was often described in the pigeon press as the best breeding hen in Belgium. (The same thing was said about ‘Bubbels’ in Holland). Bart van Oeckel got a hen closely related to ‘Fleur’. It bred him a 1st and a 3rd prize winner NATIONAL!

Pay attention: I am not talking about winners and NATIONAL Aces related to my birds but of DIRECT CHILDREN FROM MY BIRDS. 


-The racing season 2019 is in full swing. Last weekend was hard with head winds. Hanjo de Groot mailed he won 1st from 2.200 pigeons with a bird that he bred from a cock of mine.

-I also got a mail from Hans Eyerkamp about last weekend's race. We traded birds before. He got a cock from me, I one from him. The Eyerkamp cock in my loft is a super. The first bird in the loft of Lotte Eyerkamp last week was bred from my cock. Last year the same bird won 2nd S National NPO! He has only ONE pigeon from me.

-Superman J v d Pasch bought from me halfbrother of this Eyerkamp cock. It is a super breeder as well and also father of a 2nd S-National NPO. Jan also has only ONE bird from me..

-Young Superman Huismans also got ONE pigeon from me only. It became father of 1st Provincial ace and 5th best youngster of ALL Holland Pipa.

-Mr. Stabel and son also got ONE pigeon only. It became father of 1st S National NPO from Gien in 2017. (understandebly he has more now through vouchers).

-In 2018 Falco Ebben raced TWO birds from me that he got as eggs. They became 1st and 2nd Ace!!! His ‘Indy’ which was also bred by me won 6 firsts!!!

-Mr Jochems van Hasselt Belgium only got ONE bird from me for a voucher. It won 1st NATIONAL Issoudun zone.

-Mr Boenders Belgium also got ONE bird from me as a voucher. It was a grandchild Ace Four and won 4 first for him.

-Also Mr Kennes only got ONE PIGEON from me. It became father of best Middle Distance cock of ALL Holland. So 1st National Ace.

-Peter v d Merwe got some birds from me. They bred hem winners against 20.000 pigeons and more. A direct child from a cock bred by me became 2nd NATIONAL Ace youngsters and another bird that he bred from a cock of mine won 2nd S National NPO Chateauroux.

-Mr Pieper got some birds from me. Two of them became father of the best pigeon of Holland (National Ace).

-Mr. C Maas had the best Middle Distance cock from ALL Holland. It was bred from two birds of mine.

-Champion Co Verbree had the best cock of Holland as well as the best hen of Holland. Both NATIONAL Aces were bred from a cock of mine.

-Mr Swichtenberg became 1st National Champion of ALL Germany with birds from me. He had 3 hens in the best 13 of Germany. The parents were mine.

AND THIS IS JUST A SUMMARY !! It explains why fanciers are so greedy to buy my vouchers for a young bird.   


As for importing birds you can make two mistakes.

  1. The first mistake is never import birds since you think there are no better birds than yours.
  2. The other mistake is import too many birds from too many sources.

Which birds you should import and from whom depends on what you are in the sport. A champion should handle differently from a novice.

In March two groups of Chinese were travelling through Holland and Belgium buying young birds. My advice is not to imitate those guys. They do not only pay too much money, also their timing is wrong. You should not buy youngsters in March or April. The fanciers that so successful with my birds all got them in summer or fall. We need early breds from our best birds for OURSELVES. Because early breds we can race. Babies that are weaned later in the year we cannot race. This offers chances for fanciers who want to improve their family.

As for all those NATIONAL ACES directly bred from my birds it stands to reason I am proud !!