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Logbook 2009

And now 535.000 e (06/12/2009 )

Today part 2 of the auction of Eric Limbourg took place.
The birds went 535,00 e today.
The most expensive birds went for 66,000 e and 78,000 e.
This means 1.257.000 e (not net!) for all his 248 birds.
It is estimated about 60% of these 1.257.000 e will be his.
It is a well known fact that KBDB charges fanciers that sell 3%.
The money should be used to promote the sport, initially Limbourg refused to pay this but he made a deal with KBDB. 
3% of 1.257.000 e is nearly 38,000 e.
Nice money for the Homing Union but... the question is does he have to pay 3% from the total proceeds or from the money he will get in his pockets.
Probably we will never know, since the book keeping from KBDB is far from transparent.

722,000 euro (06/12/2009 )

December 5th Eric Limbourg auctioned 133 birds.
Total amount 722,000 euro (5,595 average).
The most expensive bird was bought by Marc de Cock for 132,00 euro. 
But this was only part one of the auction.
Today part 2 will take place.  

Depressing (11/11/2009 )

I just came back from a trip to Algarve Portugal.
I always thought pigeon sport was flourishing in Portugal, Poland and Rumania.
As for Portugal this WAS true op till 8 years ago. 
Then there were about 30,000 fanciers but this number went down to about 15.000.
Only in Algarve the number is consistent. I will get back on that. 
For Western Europe the decrease is alarming.
In Belgium there were 237.965 (!!!) fanciers in 1951.
In 1981 therre were 102.324 fanciers left and in 2009 the number went down to 35.694 fanciers only.
In Holland the number went down from 56,000 to 25,430 in 2009.
In Germany are 51.000 fanciers now, in France 14.031.
But even more depressing than these figures is the age of the average fancier. 
In Belgium less than 4,000 fanciers are younger than 40, in Holland the same.  
Nevertheless prices of pigeons keep on rising, mainly due to buyers from China. 
To stop the decrease the Belgian Federation (KBDB) wants to invest money to promote the sport and they charge 3% from the proceeds of public auctions.
But both some fanciers and the biggest website that partly controls the market claim the KBDB has no right to charge them money. 
Who is right and who is wrong?

Interessant forum (03/10/2009 )

23 October is het verzamelen in Oud Turnhout.
Interessant duivenforum met enkele grote vedetten en als moderator Jan Hermans. 
Adres: Meibloemlaan 32. 
Een aanrader voor iedereen die van gezelligheid houdt en wat wil leren!  

Last race of the year (10/09/2009 )

Last Saturday we in Belgium had our last race of the year from Gueret.
It was also the furthest race (615 km).
Since I race at about the greatest distance, my location is North West and the birds had tailwinds the first part of the course which turned to North west (almost ahead) in the last part I thought I had no chance at all.
Nevertheless I won 1st prize again in the 2 Feds Union Antwerp and ZAV and 6 from my 8 birds won a prize. FIVE prizes on top!
NATIONAL (ALL BELGIUM) the early birds were clocked in the centre or in the East as could be excpected.
NOTWITHSTANDING my bad location I won 10th National from 14,261 young birds and this bird was also faster than the 1st National Old birds (Thone who lives East).
West of me (half Belgium) no faster bird was clocked.

To-day"s result again super. (29/08/2009 )

In Belgium (Antwerp) we had again a race from Dourdan Angerville to-day.
In the 2 combined Feds Union Antwerp and ZAV Antwerp my result was again the best. 12 birds in the race and 11 prizes.
I started with 7, 8, 9.
The 1st pick bird was ahead. This pigeon is a real super which flies top every week!
It is is a son of 04-2147002 (off Ace Four 96-5660145).
002 is also father of famous "Fleur" from Jespers v d Wegen Belgium.
"Fleur" is mother of sensational F 16 which is described as the best bird in Belgium on the nationals in 2008.
002 is also father of "Den Hollander" (The Dutchman) from Henri Boenders that won 5 x 1st and it is father of 2 other supers. 
After the fantastic result in my loft in Holland last week (2, 4, 5, 6, 11 and so on) I could not particpate this week due to circumstances.

Other theft (25/08/2009 )

Now 50 breeders were stolen from Eric Berckmoes.
Eric lives in the house of the late Albert Marcelis.
Shortly before he passed away also birds were stolen from him.
The plague has not ended.  

Update results 24 aug (24/08/2009 )

Four races last Saturday:
- St Quentin: 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 16 and so on (370 p). 14 prizes from 16 birds.
- La Souterraine in Belgium. Youngsters 615 km. 9 Birds in the race and 7 prizes.
- Dourdan in Belgium. 12 Birds in the race: 9 prizes. 3 First pick birds very early.
- Orleans not good (2/5).

Thieves caught (22/08/2009 )

Pigeon sport was the leading article in Belgians prominent daily magazines. 
Unfortunately the news was not good as usual. 
People saw Chinese throwing a bag away. They did not trust it and found the bag was filled with dead birds with all a leg missing. 
It was the leg on which the ring should be.
So they cut off a leg to get the ring. 
At the same time Mr van Reet found birds missing after he was visited by Chinese.
Why the thieves were after the ring must be clear.
The police did not consider the case serious enough to arrest those Chinese.
They know the identity, so they can take their plane home but the police are confident they will be arrested on their arrival in China.   
Are the same people also responsible for many previous thefts?
Who knows?

Update results 15 aug (17/ 8/2009 )

After several 2nd and 3rd place in the 2 Feds Union Antwerp and ZAV last Saurday I won 1st. Total result with 12 prizes from 15 birds entered was real good. Result in my Dutch loft was not.

Update results (09/08/2009 )

- Last week August 1st in Belgium. Dourdan 390 kms. Regional 1st. Two Feds ZAV and Union together 2.644 p - 3rd after W Geerts and Geerinckx who entered far more birds. (I entered 30 and won 20 prizes).
- Dourdan 8-8 in Belgium. Bright, hot, strong headwinds, so low speed. Regional 1st, 2nd. Two Feds together (Union and ZAV) 3, 8, 26, 28, 34 and so on against about 1,800 birds of the great names in Antwerp. 
14 prizes of 20 birds. About 1,800 birds in the race.  
The 3rd prize with these headwinds was won at greatest distance. Vercammen at shortest distance won 1 and 2. 
- Argenton 580 kms (young birds) in hard weather, strong headwinds, low speed only 1.063 mpm. In the 2 Feds together (Union and ZAV) 6 and 7 from 666 birds (two sisters that arrived together (580 kms, headwinds).  
- In Dutch loft same day, same hard weather from Sens 380 kms 5 in the race and 5 prizes, to start with 2nd.  
- In Dutch loft from Strombeek 1st (1,5 minute ahead). It was 09-1277585, the same bird that was before 2 times fastest of the total release. According to the papers against appr 30,000 p and against 27.241 pigeons. 
This is really a miracle bird!!!      

Yesterday"s result (26/07/2009 )

Last week I did not participate in my Dutch loft. 
In Belgium the result was good then, 4 Old birds in the race that all won a prize and also the babies performed well.  
Yesterday I entered 27 babies and won 1, 3, 5 and so on from 547 birds. 
In the Combine I won also 1st from 1.083 p AND I WON 1st PROVINCIAL from 6.821 pigeons. 
The winner was the fastest of the whole release from appr 15,000 (!!!) pigeons. 
One month ago I also had the 2 fastest birds of the whole release and won 1st and 2nd of 7,720 pigeons.
And now the big surprise:
In both Provincial races it was the same bird that won!
Did it happen before that after 4 young bird races the same bird was the fastest of the whole release of so many birds?
Not where I live!  
Yesterday the performance in Belgium was also good: 20/30. 

J B Hendriks (17/07/2009 )

In de bestseller "het beste van..." Stat abusievelijk vermeld dat G van Tuyl de man is die Inernationaal Barcelona won op de grootste afstand.
Dit moet echter zijn de 76-1194042 van wijlen J B Henrdiks.
Dat is de duif met het absolute Barcelona record.
Deze Van Wanroy doffer won in 1980 Barcelona Inernationaal op een afstand van 1.240 kilometer.
Hij versloeg daarmee 13.636 duiven en de snelheid van 986 mpm toont aan hoe keihard die vlucht was.
Die met dat warme weer en die tegenwind op de grootste afstand winnen zal waarschijnlijk nooit meer herhaald worden.

Last weekend (13/07/2009 )

July 11th was the big Orleans race in the province of Antwerp. 
I entered 14 birds, 9 of them won a prize to start with 1 and 2 regional.
In the Fed ZAV I won 1st and in the 2Feds ZAV and Union Antwerpen together 2nd, 14th and so on from 1.751 birds. 
There was also a race from Noyon, regional also 1 and 2. 
From 1.065 birds in the Fed I started with 14 and 14 (same second). I entered 22 birds and no less than 17 won a prize (last week 15 from 22). 
Result in Dutch loft was poor.   

Piet de Weerd (09/07/2009 )

June 4th 2009 Piet de Weerd, aged 96, peacefully passed away.
Piet, the father of vet Henk, is an icon in pigeon sport, I consider him is the best writer ever. 
My condolances to family and relatives.  

Result 1st weekend of July (07/07/2009 )

The 1st young bird race (last weekend of June) I had the 2 fastest birds of the whole release and I won 1st and 2nd from 7.720 birds.
First weekend of July we had our 2nd young bird race.
I entered 30 birds and won 1, 2, 3, 4 (668 birds). Hot weather, headwinds.
In the Fed I won from 1,205 birds: 1, 3, 4, 5.

Picture taken from tv.

Those birds would have won 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the total release (appr 8,000 p) but they lost nearly one minute trapping which is too much against so many birds.
In my Belgian loft I won 12 prizes from 15 birds I entered.
From 10 old birds I entered in Belgium I won 8 prizes..  
The bad news is that after my superbird (a yearling that won in Antwerp 1st, 1st, 3rd and so on) deadly hit a wire in May my other best bird, almost a miracle (08-682) got lost last week.
In 2008 682 won in the Fed (ZAV) against the big shots 2, 3, 4, 7 in one month time. This year she only won top prizes again. 
08-682 was elected as the 3rd best baby from ALL Belgum in 2008.
It"s a shame, but that is pigeon sport.

Barcelona 2009 (01/07/2009 )

In 2 days the Barcelona birds should be released.
According to the weather forecast it will be a hard race in hot weather (over 30 C and headwinds). 
The total entry is 27.630 birds (23,708 birds in 2008). 
- Belgium 13,583 birds
- The Netherlands 8,042 birds.
- Germany 2,003 birds
- France 2,526 birds
- England 868 birds
- Poland 523 birds. 
If the weather will be what it is supposed to be the winner will be a bird in the West of Belgium (Flanders) but who knows, maybe the Dutch might be in for a surprise.      

Results last weekend June (01/07/2009 )

Last Saturday the weather was real hot, the wind was ahead.
In my Belgian loft I entered 10 birds. "Provincial" (Union Antwerp and ZAV) I won 8 prizes from 10 birds to start with the 3rd prize. 
In Holland we had the first young bird race. 
My birds won 1st and  2nd and were the 2 fastest of the whole release. They won 1 and 2 from no less that 7.720 birds.

Naturally in the Fed they also won 1st and 2nd (1.081 p). 
The result from Orleans was poor.    

Super resuts (22/06/2009 )

Saturday 20th we had nice bright weather with headwinds.
- For the Provincial race from Dourdan in Antwerp I entered 2 birds only.
They both won a top prize: 4th and 38th from 604 birds.
The bird that won 4th is on top every week.
- I entered 15 yearlings and won 12 prizes in Antwerp to start with 11th and 12th (1.289 p).
- In Holland we had our biggest National long distance race of the year from Blois. No less than 80,000 p were entered. Normally I do not race long distance. 
Now I entered 3 birds ONLY. In the combine I won 2nd and 3rd.
S-National NPO the result was sensational with 9th and 12th (6,005 pigeons) with 3 birds in the race only.
Provincial I won 9 and 12 from 9.334 birds.
Last week was average (9/12).

Again some scandals (13/06/2009 )

In 2008 there were some scandals concerning races from Blois and Sint Vincent. 
Unfortunately this is a black weekend again.
Today the weather was fantastic and all birds were released soon apart the birds from the province of Zeeland.
At 9.15 no pigeons were free yet.
The reason was that birds were stolen early in the morning and 15 baskets opened.
The birds were still at the release station at 9.00 am since the police are there to investigate the matter. The thieves are locals.
Yesterday 66 birds escaped at the release station in Sint Vincent (1.000 kms). They are all from the same combine, the unfortunate owners are known, and it is a shame these people prepared their birds for nothing and cannot race.   

Results past weekend (09/06/2009 )

Past Saturday it was real hard for the birds with very strong headwinds.
In Belgium(Antwerp) they had their first Middle Distance race for youngsters.
Many fanciers lost more than half of their birds. 10,5 Hours after the release the race (300 kms) was not finished yet.  
I entered 18 birds and won 13 prizes.
Regionally I started 1st, in the combined feds of Union Anwerp plus ZAV I won 3rd prize from 1.391 birds.
In Belgium we also had a long distance race with old birds from Bourges. Regional I was 1st. In the combined Feds I won 3rd WITH ONLY ONE BIRD IN THE RACE.  
In Holland we had a race from Creil. Also strong headwinds.
I enterered 16 birds that won 13 prizes in the Combine to start with 1, 3, 11, 15, 16 from 652 birds.
The bird that won 1st won 2nd last week.
The mother is a daughter of 95-230 that was sold in Jewels of the Sky (pipa) last winter.
Champion Falco Ebben won 1st S National NPO long distance race (appr 12,000 p North and South) on Sunday. The winner is a super bird that won 4 x 1st before and it was bred from a cock of mine.
The father 96-056 is off Orleansdoffertje x mother Ace Four mated with 02-791.
02-791 is multiple 1st prize winner and AGAIN daughter of 95-230.
From the same NPO race (Chateaudun) Berth and Els Knaven won 6th National from 8.700 pigeons with "double grandson" Ace Four (96-145). 
Mr and Mrs Knaven have a very successful year on long distance with my birds. Before they won another 6th NPO National Pithiviers plus 11th NPO and more top prizes.

And again! (03/06/2009 )

Last Saturday it was hot with VERY strong headwinds. 
The speed of the winning birds went down to 1.100 mpm. 
In Holland I raced from Mantes.
Regional I won 2nd and 3rd. 15 birds in the race, 10 prizes.
In Belgium I raced from Etampes in Union Antwerp (and ZAV). 
With increasing headwinds my locaion at about the greatest distance was bad but still a super result with old birds. 
At prize 27 (764 p) I had them ALL home while many famous names had no birds then yet even though some entered very many birds.
In fact I only entered ONE bird, just like the weeks before. And it is always him that is on top.
An ugly bird that no one wanted, (son 96-060 off Creilman), but despite the fact that it is so ugly it is a super. 
I entered my 13 yearlings and 10 of them won a prize in the combined Federations in Antwerpen (Union and ZAV) which was also good given the location in the overfly with these headwinds.  


Again good (24/05/2009 )

May 23rd it was warm and the wind was ahead (East).
The Belgians had their great National race from Bourges, 49,000 birds were entered.
Due to South East winds south of Paris the fanciers in the Western part of the country won all.
I had entered one old bird for Bourges and won one prize.
I had entered 3 yearlings from Bourges, 2 of them won a top prize.
Furthermore the Fedearations in Antwerp had a race from Etampes.
I had entered ONE old bird that won 31st from 1,041 pigeons.
I had entered 14 yearlings, 9 of them won a prize.
In my Dutch loft I raced from Creil (over 300 kms).
Regional I won 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on.
In the Combine (797 p) I won 4 prizes in the first 10.
I entered all my birds (24) and 19 of them won a prize (1:4).
The sad thing for me is that nearly all parents of my best birds are in Taiwan.
Other good news is that Henri van Doorn won 2nd NPO National Bourges with gr.son 95-295 that is a son of Mattens x Sissi.

Naional Bourges Belgium (23/05/2009 )

Today the Belgians had their big National race from Bourges.
Despite the heat and the East winds it was a real fast race. 
Due to the East winds the fanciers in the western part of the country dominated enormously.
The others were already beaten when the birds were released.
In total about 49,000 birds were entered. 
The sensation of the day were F and J Vandenheede from Zingem. 
Two birds arrived together winning the 1st National Old birds and... 1st National yearlings. 
The wind was in their favour but not only for them. A fantastic result!    

Summary races (10/05/2009 )

A summary of yesterday"s races in nice weather.
Who in the whole country did the same.
Race from Etampes Fed Sint Job (ZAV) PLUS Union Antwerp.
Distance 372 km. against all the great Belgian names. 
4 old birds in the race, 4 prizes.
16 Yearlings in the race, 16 prizes! 13 Leading prizes.  
That makes 20 in the race and 20 prizes.

Race from Creil in Holland. 24 birds in the race, 22 prizes (one per four).
That totalizes 44 birds and 42 prizes.
The very best bird is severely injured and could not be raced, parents of my best racers are in Taiwan!

Astonishing results! (09/05/2009 )

As mentioned before the 2 big and famous Feds in Belgium (ZAV and Union Antwerp) race together this year. 
This resulted in enormous amounts of birds for Belgian standards with all the great names participating. 
In the previous weeks my results were so great that people said: "Better is impossible".
They were wrong.
Today we had a race in very nice weather.
Etampes 372 kms.  
I entered 4 old birds and they all 4 won a prize, in fact still 292 prizes were to be won when all my 4 birds were home. 
I entered 16 yearlings and... won 16 prizes, 13 of them on top. 
After I had all my 16 birds home still over 200 prizes were to be won. 
So that means: 20 birds entered and 20 prizes (!!!!!!) against all those famous names !!!!
And then you should know that maybe the best bird I ever had which started the season by winning 1st and 3rd in the Fed with all the money and an advance of 3 minutes is severely injured and may not make it.
In my loft in Holland I won 22 prizes from 24 birds. (1 per 4) only seconds behind the winner they lost minutes trapping due to working activities right behind my loft. 


Now Brockamp (08/05/2009 )

Some weeks ago, when he was on a holiday, pigeons were stolen from Dutch long distance star Cor v d Heyde.
In the night from May 1st to May 2nd 31 birds were stolen from the German long distance champ Brockamp.
So many birds have been stolen in the last few years, mostly long distance birds, that people wonder if there is one gang or more.
And they also wonder why not even one track was found yet.

Race result (03/05/2009 )

Yesterday an historic event took place in the province of Antwerp. The 2 big Feds Union and ZAV will race together from now on in the Middle Distance races.
The result was a huge amount of birds for Belgian standards: 1.884 old birds nd 2.273 young birds.
All the big names participated.
I entered 4 old birds, 3 of them were on top. After my 3rd bird still 520 prizes were to be won!
The super yearling (best bird I ever had) that hit a wire during loft training and almost flew itself to death I cannot race.
From the 16 birds I entered 14 won a prize, 8 birds in the first 5%. After the 14th bird still 200 prizes were to be won.
The result in my Dutch loft was real bad since the birds did not trap. 3 Meters from my loft the neighbours started to build a garage, they only work on Saturday (racing day) and I am other 
races for this year are at stake.

disaster (29/04/2009 )

The super bird that was 5 weeks on a row first bird (probably the best in Belgium so far) and already candidate to become National Ace pigeon did not get home from training round the loft yesterday. G..d..m!

Also in Belgium (27/04/2009 )

Yesterday we had our 3rd race in Belgium and AGAIN super result. 4 Birds were entered, 3 won a prize, 2 of them on top.
17 Yearlings were entered, no less than 14 won a prize again, 8 of them on top.
Of the 17 yearlings that I have in total 11 won a prize in ALL races so far.  

Again 1st (25/04/2009 )

To-day"s race: Entry 407 p. 
24 birds entered, 18 prizes. 
Again 1st (3rd 1st prize in 4 races) with sister of twins (019 and 020).  
I live South East in the Fed, due to SE winds in the Fed all early birds are west. 

3 Weeks 3 firsts (19/04/2009 )

Today the weather was bright, the wind ahead. 
In Holland we had our 3rd race. 
The first race I won 1st prize.
The second race I won 20 prizes from 25 birds. 
Today (3rd race) I won 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17 and so on (405 p). 22 in the race, 15 prizes. 
The result in the Combine and Fed is even more spectacular. 
In Belgium we had our 2nd race of 2009 today.
1st race 16 birds of 17 (!!!) were on the result sheet and I won 1st (3 minutes ahead in the Fed Sint Job). 
Today I had 2 OLD birds in the race. They both won 1:10.
I had 17 yearlings in the race, 10 of them won a leading prize.
The bird that won 1st last week won 3rd today against many great names (appr 1,000 p).
Of course it was fully pooled.

One week 2 firsts (14/04/2009 )

April 5th I won the 1st prize in my loft in Holland. 
April 11th I won 20 prizes of 25 birds.
In Belgium we started racing last Sunday April 12th.
In 2008 I won the first race in hard weather (headwinds) with a lead of 5 minutes.
Last Sunday, the first race in 2009, the weather was again hard.
Though I race in Belgium in the town with the greatest distance I again won 1st prize with a lead of almost 3 minutes. The winner, a yearling hen, was also faster that the 1st prize winner old birds. It was the 1st nominated that won the race, a super hen that was also 1st from Merchtem, Halle and Quievrain and was fully pooled.
As a baby in 2008 she also performed fantastic.
All my yearlings, 17 birds, were in the race, no less than 16 were on the result sheet!!
It was described as incredible.
I also entered all my old birds. One came home wounded, the other 3 were also prize winners.
A better start is unthinkable.

Again fast race (11/04/2009 )

Last week the race was real fast (3 minutes 1:4), the race of to-day was over in 4 minutes. 
Due to the Sout East wind the Western areas dominated. 
I had all my birds (25) in the race, no less than 20 won a prize. 
I had the first yearling.    

Season started (05/04/2009 )

Today the racing season 2009 started. The weather was nice, the race only lasted 5 minutes!  
I won 1, 4, 5 (333 p). 
"Provincial" I am the only one who won 2 prizes in the top 10 (3, 10 and 15 from 7,289 birds, even though I race only 18 birds total). 
My bad luck was that the 1st prize winner (08-706) lost almost one minute trapping.
But she was still only seconds behind the provincial winner from over 7,000 birds. 
From appr 3,600 yearlings she was 1st!
She also won 1st Sens in 2008 as a baby and is a daughter of 04-002 (son Ace Four).
She is a sister of a bird that I donated to Mr Boenders Belgium that was a multiple 1st prize winner and she is a sister of "Fleur" from Jepsers v d Wegen Belgium that is mother of "F 16" the best bird in history on the Nationals.

To-day (22/03/2009 )

- Yesterday Pipa auctioned Claessen birds.
As many may have seen Dr. Guo from the Great Wall in China bought a pigeon for 110,000 e and 8 birds total for 203,000 e. 
(25,000 avarage).
He told to K R that one of the reason to spend so much money was patriotism. He wanted to show the world that it is hard to beat Chinese if they set their teeth in something.
If the birds were worth so much?
Of course they were not and of course no bird in the world is worth 110,000 euro.
But people also pay crazy prices for a stamp, a coin or a painting.
And Mr Guo?
He will sure know what he is doing.

Dr Peeters, Kris Cleirbauts, Dr Guo and Kevin Roosens
- The sad news is that last night 40 breeders were stolen from Fond Ace Cor de Heyde while he was in Tenerife.
This is the 2nd time birds of his were stolen.
And then you should know this man does so much for charity!

The King passed away (17/03/2009 )

Het trieste nieuws van vandaag is dat William Geerts (68) plots gestorven is.
William hield van de zon en de eerste zonnige dag van het jaar was de zijne.
Terwijl hij zat te zonnen begaf zijn hart het.
Onbegrijpelijk zo"n ijzersterke reus!
William maakte in de 80-er jaren enorm furore in Union Antwerpen.
Zijn duiven, afkomstig van Noyonspeler Fonske Jacobs uit Sint Gillis, waren schier onklopbaar en William was de eerste Belg die in zijn paspoort liet zetten "beroep duivenliefhebber".
Zijn enorme uitslagen bezorgden hem de naam "The King".
William was ook een van de eerste Belgen die met de massa ging spelen en zoals gezegd met overweldigend succes.
Die successen ebden wat weg maar de naam Geerts bleef een enorme klank houden. 
Het andere slechte nieuws is dat ook "De Kaasboer" Jef Bogaerts is overleden. 
Jef uit Beersel was een van de meest miskende kampioenen in duivenland.
Hij had enorm goede duiven die presteerden bij hem en anderen. 
Gaston kan er over mee praten.   
Het heengaan van William en Jef is een enorm verlies voor duivensport.
Ons medeleven gaat uit naar familie en geliefden van beide. 

Start (12/03/2009 )

March 15th many Belgians start racing. Those are not official races yet but after a cold and long winter it is hard for many short distance racers not to start.
By now nearly everybody starting darkening as well.
Many fanciers in foreign countries try to imitate fellow sportsmen  in Holland and Belgium and also try the darkening. 
In most cases this is a big mistake. Circumstances are quite different there and they risk to ruin a whole season. 
So it is better to think twice!

Verwen je zelf (21/02/2009 )

Mijn nieuwste boek is komend weekend in Houten te verkrijgen in de stand van Sportblad De Duif.
De commentaren zijn zonder uitzondering erg lovend. We hebben gekozen voor een zeer luxe omslag en het beste kwaliteitspapier.
Een aanrader!

I, myself and me (21/02/2009 )

After a stay in the hospital for a week (back surgery) I am recovering.
New English articles will follow soon.

Dat kan dus (05/02/2009 )

"Verboden te poulen?" Dat kan je dus gebeuren in duivensport als je zo goed
speelt dat anderen niet meer poulen.  

Not me! (29/01/2009 )

I got several mails from several fanciers from several countries and it is always the same story:
Those people have been waiting for my pigeons for years, I always answered to have patience and now they are shocked to find I "offer pigeons for sale" on Pipa.
The truth is these pigeons I did NOT offer for sale.
They also ask me about pigeons from Gust Janssens and Albert Marcelis that are for sale on Pipa.
Gust did not offer any pigeons either and Albert Marcelis passed away. 
Thomas, Nik and Carlo are ok but... the birds offered for sale are NOT offered by me, nor Gust Janssen nor Marcelis.

Nu (28/01/2009 )

Bij de een verloopt/verliep de kweek prima, bij anderen is het sukkelen. 
Dat is van alle tijden en heeft alles met de conditie van de duiven te maken.
Beginnende liefhebbers, die zijn er nog, maakten zich voor niets zorgen over doodvriezen van jongen tijdens die hevige kou zo bleek. 
Als duiven niet op eieren willen komen is het zinloos die samen te laten, enkele weken scheiden kan wonderen doen.
Een gouden regel is dat jongen uit eieren die in februari zijn gelegd nog gespeeld kunnen worden met de vroege.

Watch out (23/01/2009 )

Most of the news is bad, which is also the case for pigeon sport, with fewer fanciers yearly nearly everywhere.
The good news comes from Dortmund Germany.
The Olympiad 2009 was held in big halls but they were not big enough. 
It is said 40,000 visitors were there, but some media say it was 
70,000 (!).
Anyway it took some visitors nearly an hour to move 100 meters.
Among them were many Chinese and Taiwanese. Now that more of them understand a bit English they want to skip middle men when buying birds.
This is not without risks though! 
Unless you know the fancier from whom you want to buy birds I would advise foreigners to go through middle men that can be trusted.

Een kans (07/01/2009 )

Enlish below this text

Door de enorme aanvraag voor bons heb ik me moeten beperken.
Heb er wel een geschonken voor Sint Job omdat ik daar speel. 
Dat zal een zomerjong worden, indien gewenst, uit de 04-2147002, een zoon van Ace Four (96-5660145).
04-002 is broer van 04-331, Asduif Kring.
04-002 is vader van Super Boenders die met tegenwind amper te kloppen was en meerdere eerste vloog. 
Een zus, de 08-06, won een 1e op mijn hok.  
Buurman Boenders uit Rijkevorsel had die ook als bon gekocht. 
En... 04-002 is moeder van "Fleur".
"Fleur" gaf de F 16 van Jespers van der Wegen.
Deze was in 2008 de beste j duif die er ooit op de Nationale vluchten vloog in Belgie. Zie elders in logbook.
Tijdens de NP Manifestatie was een jong van dezelfde 002 de duurste van Nederland (bijna 1.000 e), tweede duurste was een duif van Koopman.
U kan bieden op:  > duivenverkopen > Sint Job.
De 002 is nu gekoppeld met een duivin uit mijn beste kweekpaar: de 95-230 (broer Ace Four) x New Sissi. 
Nazaten van de 230 werden beste duif van Nederland, 2e beste van Nederland(Johnny Boy Munnik), 4e beste van Nederland (P v d Merwe), 1e Melun en 1e provinciaal Bourges 6.000 duiven (Andre Roodhoioft), 2e snelste Nat Orleans 37,000 d  en nog veel meer!
Aan huis is uit de 002 niets te koop!
De duivin die Bart van Oeckel kocht voor een bon is van dezelfde soort. Daaruit kweekte de Turnhoutenaar een 1e, een 3e en een 13e NATIONAAL.
Ook TWEE Nationale winnaars, een Nationale Asduif BDS en een Olympiadeduif van Michel Vanlint zijn van de soort Ace Four!!!!
De wereldberoemde Bubbles van Verkerk kwam uit de moeder Ace Four!

I donated a youngster 2009 for the Federation in which I race.
So the money will go to the Fed.  
The father is 04-2147002 (son Ace Four). 
The mother is of my best breeding pair: 95-230 (Brother Ace Four) x New Sissi.
- 04- 002 is father Wondere Boenders. My neighbour Mr Boenders bought it also for a voucher and the bird was unbeatable in hard weather. 
- 04-002 is father Fleur. Fleur gave F 16 for Mr Jespers v d Wegen.
F 16 was the best young bird in the history of Belgian pigeon racing on the Nationals in 2008. 
- Descendants 95-230:
1st National Ace
2nd National Ace (Johnny Boy Munnik)
4th National Ace (PvdMerwe).
2nd Fastest National Orleans 37,000 p F Hendrikx
1st Melun and 1st Prov Bourges (6,000 p) for Andre Roodhooft.
Direct children of 95-230 x New Sissi also won 1sts against up to 10,000 birds.
One flew 5 minutes ahead in Sint Job 27-04-2008.
While all the early birds were west my location was East.
You can bid on:  > duivenverkopen > Sint Job
Since 04-2147002 gae super birds with different hens it will get different partners. The buyer of the voucher has the choice.  

He did it again (04/01/2009 )

Famous Bas en Gerard Verkerk will have 2 Olympiad birds again.
But in 2008 they had a basket full of superior racers at long distance with an incredible record, amongst them Icarus and Nadala. 
Origin Icarus:
Father Bulldozer (best yearling of Holland and 4th National Ace. Mother of Icarus is Bubbels, a bird of mine that descends from 96-2395056 (off Orleansdoffertje x mother Ace Four), sister 191 and Wounded Knee.
Origin Nadala (National Blois ALL Holland 43,064 p - 8th): 
Mother again Bubbels which means again 96-056, mother Ace Four and sister 191 in its pedigree!   

China (02/01/2009 )

If you believe many media all is gold that glitters in China.
I can tell you this is not true.
The enormous amounts of money that fanciers here are supposed to get when they auction are often fake.
The truth is many auctions over there fail, even from great champions.



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