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Logbook 2010

Unelievable (19/12/2010 )

Jos Thone had some auctions this year.
Yesterday was the big one and not even total.
134 birds were sold for 1.300.000 euro, nearly 10.000 e average.
Understandably eye brows are raised.
Most expensive birds:
120.000 e
120.000 e
78.000 e
48.000 e
21.600 e
26.400 e
24.000 e
Amazing amounts of money.
No less than 25 people plus 10 girls on the telephone helped to make this auction such a spectacular succes.
According to many the results of Jos were not any more what they used to be, see Barcelona 2010, but nevertheless
people must have much confidence.
I personally find these amounts of money too crazy for words.

Antwerpen Championships (02/12/2010 )

For Provincial Championships Antwerp 2010 see articles: Dutch.

Again a fortune (30/11/2010 )

Brockamp auctioned 151 birds for 6.740 e average.
Euro Diamond the name of a cock that will be 9 years old was transferre to Japan for no less than 170.000 e.
Other expensive birds were sold for
71.000 e
50.000 e
63.000 e
47.000 e.
So total about one million euro!
An then you should know that this was not a total auction. He did not sell the birds from 2009 and 2010.  
Other news came from Finland. There are 8 fanciers in the whole country!  

Where were the Belgians? (17/11/2010 )

Last week the Great Wall organised a one loft race in China. 
Many Belgian birds were entered but they must have underestimated their competitors or sent in second class birds. 
It was a strange race anyway. 
The winner was 2 hours and 17 minutes ahead of the rest. 
Vandenheede was 2nd. The other Belgians took the following places:
400 (Norman)
450 (Pipa)
Nothing to be proud of.      

Nat Kampioenschappen Belgie 2010 (03/11/2010 )

Voor Nationale Kampioenschappen Belgie Halve Fond 2010 zie articles.

Olympiad Poland 2011 (03/11/2010 )

Voor voorlopige Belgische afvaardiging Olympiade Polen zie Articles (English). 

Belgian Olympiad birds 2011 See articles.

Some updates (30/10/2010 )

It seems to be true that the National Ace long distance from Hebberechts was sold for 250.000 e.
Koopman auctioned a baby of Dromer for 30.200 e.
With this money and some more he tried to buy Locco from van Damme. Gerard offered 175.000 e for the national winner Brive but that was not enough. The same Chinese that bought the Ace from Hebberechts overbid him. 180.000 e.
The Chinese now also control the pigeon market. 
The auctions of Bosua, Limbourg, Ludo Claessens went 750.000 e or more, because they are great names in China. 
Olympiad from Gust Jansen, the sensational breeder that is so famous in Holland and Belgium, was auctioned for 7.500 e and sold to a Belgian.
Is it because Olympiad was not famous in China?    


Against the law (25/09/2010 )

Finally some new articles in English are added on my site.
The articles on this site are meant to help fanciers and to promote the sport.
It is forbidden and against the law to copy them or parts of them, to put them on other sites or in magazines without the permission of the author.

Unbelievable references (23/09/2010 )

The last races of the year were hard, nice and fair with headwinds in most cases.
Again birds of my bloodlines performed incredibly in other lofts: 
Just a short summary:  
- The 1st Over All Ace of the biggest one loft race in Western Europe in Nevele called Belgian master was a descendant of Ace Four and 191. The winner of the Dutch Open 2 years ago was a 100% A S bird.
- The 2nd week of September P v d Merwe won 1st Provincial Mantes (3,095 p) with descandant Invincible. (191).
- Champion L Stabel has a miracle bird. It won 1st S-Nat NPO sezanne (14,232 p) and 3rd S-Nat NPO Orleans  (13,186 p) two weeks later. Both races were held in hard weather. Partly my blood through Tony Hesket UK.
- S-National Orleans Section 4 was won by Warnier with child from daughter 95-230 again!
- On the same day van Rijn Meeder won 1st from 5.567 pigeons with a descendant Wounded Knee. Before the same bird won 1st S National NPO Morlincoirt (4,240 p) and 5th NPO Tours from 3,277 pigeons.
- Also on that day Mr Ebben won 6th S Nationa NPO from Mantes and Mr v d Laar won 7th with my bloodline. 
- Mr Verbeek Belgium won on that day 1st provincial (5th National) Geuret. A kind of miracle at the greaterst distance (620 kms) with headwinds. Partly my blood through H v Doorn. 
- H v Doorn himself won on that very day with headwinds 4 prizes in the first 25 from S-Nat Orleans in his section
(7,817 p). They were descendants of 95-295 (off Sissi) 99-666, 95-230, 01-992, 02-1739790 (off 95-230).  
- Comb Bouwman won 1st Strombeek (8,409 p) and W Hulkenberg won 2 x 1st.
- Again famous Nijhof (90% of his birds are my bloodline) won Peronne 5,405 p - 1st. (NPO 15,840 p - 8th).
- G v d Kemp won 1st Pommeroeul from 20,129 pigeons. The father he ot directly from my loft, the mother is also my blood through Mr Alejandre.     
 - The Hayne family won one loft race from Brussels with great advance with gr.child 04-002 (Davida) and Lady Di and Super Leo (04-124).
ckhout Melsen writes that he performs as never before after he crossed my birds with his.
- I gave H Kennis a bird as a present. No less than 5 of his direct children were on teletext which means that they won 5 times in first 10 S National NPO races.
- September 4th the weather was hard with headwinds. Nijhof won 1st S National NPO from Mantes (3,739 p) with a bird that descended from my loft. Mantes is 481 kms, the speed was only 1.124 mpm. In the same race H Beverdam won 2nd S National with a descendant of Wounded Knee !!!
- Istvan Grampsch from Budapest has the 2nd best pigeon of ALL Hungry. It is a gr.child of Ace Four.
- Koot v d Walt got a nice present. He got 6 birds, 4 of them produced a winner. Also R van Panhuis, Urbain Mellemans, J Meurysse, G Eeckout, Marcel Wouters and so on mailed they performed extremely well with my birds. 

Last weeks result (10/09/2010 )

Last Saturday we had real nice weather.
Bright and headwinds. 
I participated in 3 races.
Sint Quentin was good. 13 birds were entered, 9 of them won a prize. 
From Orleans the result was the worst ever. 14 birds in the race and 7 prizes, but no early prizes. 
Gueret in Belgium was a race from 615 kilometers. In fact too far and too late in the year for babies with the days becoming shorter and headwinds. 
I race at the greatest distance and the result was good with 7 prizes from 10 birds. 
This resulted in 1st Championship long distance young birds in ZAV Antwerp. 
I also had the 1st Ace bird Middle Distance and became 2nd over all Champion Middle distance before many great names and behind W Geerts.   

test (08/09/2010 )


Last week"s results (16/08/2010 )

Last Saurday the weather was fantastic, bright and headwinds.
We had races from Strombeek and Creil.
For Strombeek I entered 17 birds, most of them LATE BREDS without any experience.
I won 3, 7, 13, 16, 17 and so on. 9 prizes from 17 in first 10%.
From Creil I won 2nd from no less than 7.714 pigeons. 
The same bird (10-880) won 2 weeks before 2nd from 772 birds with tailwinds from St Quentin. 
It then won 6th from 7,818 p. 
This bird is a son of 04-2147025. 
Another son of 025 won 3rd in Union Antwerp/ZAV last week against the great names and only beaten by Vercamen. Provincial from over 3,000 p it won 13th.
The only early bird at the greatest distance.
Last year 2 children of 025 (same nest) and full brothers of 10-880 arrived together from Argenton, nearly 600 kms, they won 7th and 9th in Antwerp.
025 is brother of 026 that won 2 firsts against appr 10,000 birds and that I lost in the smash from Pithiviers from which my 10 best birds got lost.
026 is mother of Fleur that Jespers v d Wegen bought from me. 
Fleur is mother of 2nd National Bourges All Belgium 2010 (appr 39,500 p) and 4th National Argenton. 
Fleur is also mother of world Famous F 16 that won 3 times in the first 15 National and was the best pigeon in Belgium on the Nationals as a baby. 

True or not? (12/08/2010 )

A few years ago W de Bruyn and me visited the loft of Chris Hebberechts.
We were impressed by the beauty of the birds and their natural healtth.
He was not that famous then, but the times changed. 
The last few years he was outstanding at great long distance and this year (2010) he had a bird that was kind of unique at long distance and it became National Ace.
It is said the bird was sold for 250,000 e. To China of course.
Even if "ONLY" 200,000 e is the truth it is a crazy price for just a pigeon.

Last weekend"s result (12/08/2010 )

Last weekend the Belgians had a National race from Argenton.
The birds were basketed on Thursday and were supposed to be released on Saturday. But the release was delayed until Monday. The weather was pretty hard in France (bright and headwinds) for this 600 km race.
I was only beaten by loft Vercammen who have a fantastic year and won 5 prizes in the first 21 in Union Antwerp/ZAV (appr 700 birds). 
The bird that won 3rd prize is a son of 04-025, a son of Home Alone.
Last year 2 full brothers of this 3rd prize winner arrived together from the same race to win 7th and 9th.
The result on Saturday from the Middle Distance race was average (7th and 9th from 712 p).

Great loss (11/08/2010 )

Pros Roosen, nick named, the ambassador of Belgian pigeon sport suddenly passed away much too young. Last Monday he was happy with a great result from Argenton. 
Now he is no more.
Sincere condolances to family and friends.
Life and death can be so close. Pigeon sport has lost an icon. 
He could sell more birds than he could breed but still he donated many vouchers for charity. May he rest in peace.

Results last Saturday (02/08/2010 )

Unlike previous weekends the birds had tailwinds last Saturday.
From St Quentin, luck was not with me, a bunch of birds arrived together but kept flying around for 2 minutes.
My neighbour had the fastest of the whole release and those birds were ahead of his, but that is all in the game.
I still won from 772 birds: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on.
Of the 45 birds I entered 22 won 1:10.
Of the whole release (7,818 p) I won 6, 7, 10, 11, 16, 26, 67.
For Bourges in Antwerp I entered 5 birds and won 4 prizes to start with 1st and 2nd.
For Dourdan (also Antwerp Belgium) I entered 43 birds, I won 24 prizes and 15 of them won 1:10. I started with 4th, 11th and so on and was only beaten by loft Vercammen who have a fantastic year.

Sensational Fleur (29/07/2010 )

The hen that I sold to Jespers v d Wegen (Fleur) which is a daughter of 002 and inbred to Ace Four is mother of the bird that won 2nd National Bourges in Belgium last week in very hard weather against 30.759 birds !!!! 

 bird that won 2nd National Bourges in Belgium last week in very hard weather against 30.759 birds !!!!

Results last Saturday (27/07/2010 )

Last Saturday we had fantastic weather, bright and headwinds.
In Union Antwerp/ZAV an immense mass of birds was entered for Belgian standards,
3,223 total.
At the greatest distance I won 8th and 10th and 12 top prizes from 40.
For Bourges I entered one bird, it won a simple prize. From 3 youngsters 2 won a prize.
From Pommeroel I won 1, 2, 5, 8 from 797 birds.
Of the total release, 8,660 pigeons I also won 1st and 2nd. 
Of all the 4 releases at the same station, appr 35,000 pigeons, my 2 birds had the greatest speed.  

Great references again (23/07/2010 )

The 2nd and 3rd week of June lots of victories again with pigeons of my bloodline, even on National level.
- Hornesch from Cadier en Keer won 1st NPO National with off spring 144 (sister Ace Four, through B v d Brandt.
- Reynen won 1st National NPO with same bloodline from Argenton.
- Nijhof won 1st, 4th and 5th NPO Arras from 17,583 pigeons. 75% my blood. 2md was Mr G v d Kemp with partly my blood.  
- Comb v Heeteren won 4th Nat NPO Nanteuil from 19,200 p !!
- J Meurysse from Dentergem won 2 prizes in top 10 Provincial Clermont. Two nestbrothers, offspring 03-1234922.
He also won 35th National Chateauroux and had 8th provincial Ace (Flanders) with same bloodline.
- H Oetelaar won 3rd Prov Chateauroux, descendant Ace Four. 
- Mr and Mrs Knaven won 2nd NPO Orleans, descendant Turbo (882) son of 144. 
- Mr Schrooten from Enter won Peronne 13,987 p. 
- van Rijn Meeder won Morlincourt (4,240 p) line Wounded Knee. 
_ J Hop won Peronne, 4000 p through E v d Horst.
- Hendriks won La Souterraine, offspring Bulldozer Verkerk, a half AS


Resultaten verleden week (22/07/2010 )

Afgelopen zaterdag hadden we de eerste officiele wedvlucht na enkele afgelastingen vanwege de hitte. 
Het was helder, de wind was west en daarom de afstand van amper 75 km te kort. In de Afdeling vielen alle vroegste duiven begrijpelijk aan de oostkant met name in Goirle waar het concours enkele minuten duurt en bijna sluit als men elders nog moet beginnen.
In de Kring verloor ik de eerste prijs met amper 2 seconden tegen een liefhebber die in een dorp meer oost woont.
Met 2, 7, 10, 15 (kring) tegen 1.376 duiven en de eerste liefhebber met 4 duiven op de uitslag was het resultaat bevredigend (18/38) maar ook niet meer dan dat.
Met 38 jongen mee was ik een van de kleinere inmanders. Opvallend met hoeveel duiven sommigen tegenwoordig spelen.
Verliezen kenden we niet. 
In de Federatie Sint Job Belgie (daar spelen toch liefhebbers uit veel clubs) had ik 4 duiven aan de 19e prijs (18/24) op zondag.
Ook daar de eerste met 4 duiven op de uitslag.
Het resultaat van Marne was dan weer matig.
Over zaterdag met dat mooie weer hoorden we toch weer over plaatselijk flinke verliezen. Vreemd.
In mijn regio zijn die zeer beperkt.
Vanaf het begin van het opleren, half juni, verloor ik zelf 3 duiven van de 49. 
Die gingen dan verloren bij het zelf opleren.

What a disaster (12/07/2010 )

While the Dutch cancelled all yuoung birdf races again due to the heat, the Belgians raced their 2010 birds for the 11th time last Saturday.
The BIG race was Orleans in Antwerpen and in Limburg, up to 450 kms. 
Once there were over 10,000 birds in this prestigous provincial race.
Now only appr 4,400.
Those who dare not race in this terrible heat with headwinds were right.
50% of the young birds got lost.
Strangely enough completely unknown fanciers got early birds and big names were among the victims.
The Dutch do things better in such weather.
The week before Orleans was on the program with 2 nights in the basket.
They released the birds 150 km closer with one night in the basket.
No problem, fast race.
On Saturday, the day of the smash from Orleans, the Dutch had a race from Chateauroux (old birds, 600 kms). The release was postponed to Sunday. The same heat but tailwinds on Sunday.
The old birds proved that the heat alone is no problem with tailwinds. It was a veryu fast race and in 20 minutes the race was finished in many clubs. 
Next week is Bourges, THE BIG RACE. 
The Belgians are in for a record. They expect the lowest entry ever due to the smash from Orleans last Saturday. 

Antwerpen foei (10/07/2010 )

Terwijl de Zuid Nederlanders, evenals verleden week, zelfs een vluchtje van 70 kilometer afgelasten vanwege de verzengende hitte, plaatselijk 37 graden (!) speelden de Belgische buren jonge duiven al uit Orleans, 445 km voor de verste afstanden.
Dat was hun 11e jonge duivenvlucht terwijl de Nederlanders nog moeten beginnen.
Orleans was vroeger DE klassieker voor de prestigieuze Bourges met ooit 15.000 duiven in concours.
Dat aantal wordt nu bijlange niet gehaald omdat velen pasten vanwege het tropische weer.
De thuisblijvers hadden gelijk want Orleans was in deze verzengende hitte en met tegenwind duidelijk een brug te ver voor jongen.
"s Avonds ontbrak naar schatting nog de helft van de jonge duiven.
Waarom zijn de Belgen niet meer flexibel en deden ze niet als de Noorderburen de week voordien toen het ook zo bloedheet was?
Toen stond voor hen ook Orleans op het programma, voor oude, inmanden op donderdag. Dat werd veranderd in Creil, ong 325 km, met inmanden op vrijdag, dus 150 km korter en een nacht mand.
Zelf had ik niet meegedaan en ik heb er nog spijt van.
De vlucht verliep voortreffelijk.
Antwerpen had Orleans ook kunnen vervangen door bv Melun, ong 320 km met een nacht mand. Voor jongen met dit weer ver genoeg.
Nu schoot men zich in eigen been.
Door de enorme verliezen zullen er op Bourges, de vlucht der vluchten, veel minder duiven komen.
Overigens verliep het concours met oude ondanks de enorme hitte voortreffelijk.
Omdat die dronken in de manden en jongen niet?
Bij de thuisblijvers moesten de drinkbakken herhaaldelijk worden bijgevuld.
Kan je nagaan hoezeer de jongen van Orleans moeten hebben afgezien. 
Ik bekritiseer niet gauw maar nu al jonge duiven spelen van Orleans 450 km en (plaatselijk) 37 graden en tegenwind is duidelijk een brug te ver en dat had niet gehoeven.
Door Orleans te vervangen door Melun (130 km korter en een nacht minder mand) zou vandaag er heel anders hebben uitgezien. 
Of is het typische Belgisch alles te laten zoals het was omdat het altijd zo was?
Dan zijn Nederlanders met al hun gebreken inderdaad vooruit en dat geldt zeker voor duivensport.

De hitte vandaag (10/07/2010 )

Zaterdag 10 juli.
Bloed en bloedheet, het wordt 37 C in de Kempen.
De WOWD adviseerde geen jongen te lossen. Voor het tweede weekend op rij. Heel Nederland gaf er gevolg aan met als gevolg dat de meeste nog niet met jongen konden spelen (de Belgen al 11 keer!!!).
Alleen Afd 5 volgde het advies van de NPO niet in en loste in Duffel al heel vroeg. 
Bij de verenigingen waar de jongen al meerdere africhtingsvluchten hadden gehad ging het vlot. Heel wat minder dan bij liefhebbers die hun jongen voor de eerste keer in de dans hadden. 
Overigens was sprake van zeer sterke inversie "s morgens vroeg en dan wordt steeds geadviseerd niet te lossen. Zuid Holland trok er zich terecht niets van aan. Inversie is en hersenspinsel van de WOWD, de Belgen kennen dat woord niet eens. Het goede nieuws is dat nu ook mensen binnen de WOWD en NPO beginnen te twijfelen.

7 juli 2010 (07/07/2010 )

Met Louis Stabel uit Goirle stond ik wat te babbelen bij de voerboer.
We hadden het over spelen met jongen en de hitte.
Komt er een kennis uit Belgie aangelopen.
Hij woonde vlak over de grens.
Zijn jongen hadden 4 maal 400 kilometer gevlogen en hij hield ze thuis.
Wij Nederlanders moesten nog beginnen.
Vreemde wereld.
En als onze bestuurders consequent zijn zit er vliegen volgende week weer niet in want de voorspellingen zijn dat het minstens zo heet wordt als de week voordien. 
Toen bewezen de OUDE duiven overigens dat vliegen in de hitte (boven de 30 graden) zelfs bij tegenwind geen probleem is.
Terwijl het amper weer was om buiten te komen vanwege de benauwde verzengende hitte verliepen de concoursen overal vlot  

Strange world (05/07/2010 )

Today July 6th me and my Belgian neighbours are preparing our young birds for the prestigeous Orleans race in Antwerp. 
The birds will be basketed 3 days from now. 
They flew already 4 races from 400 kms while the Dutch neighbours did not even have ONE race with youngsters. 
Yesterday and the day before, July 3rd, most federations in Holland had the first young bird race on their program but tha National Homing Union NPO strongly advised to cancel the races due to the heat (37 C at places) and thus happened.
The heat was so unbearable that I did not even dare to enter my old birds for this last old bird race which meant that I could forget championships Middle Distance.
How wrong I was. 
Despite the heat and headwinds all races, even long distance, went smoothly without losses. 
Once more it became clear bids can stand the heat, even experienced young birds.
The result in my Belgian loft from Dourdan, 400 kms, was not too bad. 9 prizes from 12 birds that I entered.
The situation is strange though. Belgian fellow fanciers in my village already had 4 young bird races from 400 kms and will race Orleans (for some "long distance") with youngsters) while our (Dutch) young bird season has not started yet but may start next week from 70 kms.

Not only Nijhof (02/07/2010 )

In the previous item one could read that Nijhof was sensational by winning 1, 4, 5, 10 from an NPO race from Arras against no less than 15,371 birds.
But also the 2nd prize winner of this race originated from my loft.
It was Mr G v d Kemp who won 2nd.
Descendant super breeder 02-0236306 x 05-1541578.
578 is daughter 95-230 x 01-067.
Eric Limbourg won National Bordeaux in Belgium also with partly my bloodline.

Sensational (25/06/2010 )

Only now I read in the newspaper that Mr Nijhof won last week from a S National NPO race from Arras, no less than 15,371 birds in the race: 1, 4, 5 and 10. 
His birds are 90% my bloodline. 
His result is just as sensational as that of Mr Knaven who won also from an NPO race 2, 3, 4 also with birds that mainly descend from my loft. 
In the same weekend Michel Vanlint won 1st S Nat Montlucon with a far descendant of Ace Four, through W de Bruyn and G Jeene had the fastest of the whole province from Haasrode (appr 15,000 p).    

Again Ace Four (16/06/2010 )

Mr Reynen from the neighouring town of Alphen won last Saturday from a very hard race from Argenton (headwinds, 600 kms) 1st NPO S National from 8,300 p.
The father of the winner (gr.son Ace Four) won Etampes NPO 17,487 p - 10th and Morlincourt 3,436 p - 1st. 
The same Saturday Mr Knaven won 2nd S National NPO race 6,800 p with gr.son Home Alone which is a son of Ace Four. 
One week later Mr Knaven was the sensation of the nation with 2, 3 and 4 S National !!   

Special References (14/06/2010 )

This year again I got numerous mails/faxes of fanciers that won top prizes in NATIONAL NPO races.
But last weeks result of Berth and Els Knaven is real sensational.
Mr Knaven mainly has my birds. 
From the S National NPO race from Chateaudun they won 2, 3 and 4 agaqinst 6,800 birds. A grandson of Home Alone (98-162) won 2nd S-National. 
This is its 3rd prize within the first 25 S National NPO.
The week before they won 17 prizes from 19 birds they entered. 
They started with the 8th prize S National NPO against no less than 19,000 birds. 
The bird is a son of a gr.son x gr.daughter Ace Four. 
Home Alone, mentioned before is is son of Ace Four.      
The first S National NPO race from 6,800 pigeons Mr Knaven won 1st and 5 birds in the first 50 prizes S National.
The winner was 50% my blood, the following 4 birds all 100% my blood!

Result June 12th (13/06/2010 )

We had a pretty hard race from Creil with strong headwinds.
I entered 11 birds and won 8 prizes (1:4) to start with 4th in Amalgamtion.

Last Saturday (09/06/2010 )

Despite the nice weather the Fed in which I race ended up in a kind of smash.
It was the only race that did not go smoothly.
The race lasted 2,5 hours which means that only after 2,5 hours one third of the birds were home.
Understandably there were considerable losses and for the first time this year the result was pretty poor (5/13).

Restult May 29th (31/05/2010 )

Last Saturday the weather was fair.
I had a sensational result in Belgium.
My 1st bird won appr 5 minutes ahead in Union Antwerp and Fed of Zav.
It won 1st against 1,770 yearlings and it beat also 847 old birds against all the great names in Antwerp. From 11 birds I won 8 prizes.
In Holland 10/19 and 7 1:10.

Result last weekend, (25/05/2010 )

Last Saturday we had 2 400 kms races in nice weather.
16 birds in the race, 11 prizes and 7 prizes in first 10% in Combine "Cubag".
I was not satisfied. The result may look very good but I should have clocked earlier.
Dourdan in Union Antwerp/ZAV:
10 in the race, 7 prizes. First 2 pick birds won 32 and 47 from 2,030 yrlngs.
I also raced with youngsters for the first time (in Belgium).
2nd and 5th from 1,766 p.

To day (15/05/2010 )

Yesterday we had a race from Creil in nice weather.
I entered 24 birds and won 17 prizes.
Eleven prizes 1:10
The bird that won 1st prize in Combine (appr 1,200 p) last week and won 6th from 8,800 birds won 3rd prize yesterday. 
Our area was blown away by the overfly though.
In Belgium I had the worst result since June 2009.
Yearlings: 4 prizes from 8 birds I entered.
From 10 old birds 6 won a prize.
Over 50% prizes is daid to be ok but I am used to better results in Belgium. For some mysterious reason condition went down and birds did not train like they should.

Super References (12/05/2010 )

Birds of my bloodline did again very well in other lofts last weekend.
- My neighbour J Storms won 1st in Union Antwerp and ZAV against appr 5,000 birds of all the famous names. The winner is off sister 019 andf 020, twin girls.
Last year he won 1st Prov Orleans with a baby of the same pair and also Jos Vercammen won 1st in Union with this bloodline.
- Last Saturday D Koopman won 1st from 16,000 birds with a lead of 40 mpm with a bird of my bloodline.
- Geert Eeckhout (Belgium) won 1st from Dourdan and his winner probably had the highest speed of all Flanders.
- J Merx (Limburg) had a bird that made the highest speed of 10s of thousands of birds. Crossing M Vink x my birds.

Result last Saturday (09/05/2010 )

Yesterday they had a very bad race in many parts of the country due to bad weather. We had a race from Morlincourt for which I entered 24 birds.
I won 1st from 558 p (8 birds 1:10 and 12/24.
In the Combine (1,197 p) I also won 1st.
"Provincial" I won 6th from 8,880 pigeons.
In my Belgian loft I won in the Fed of Antwerp 11 prizes from 14 birds. After my 11th bird still 200 prizes were to be won. The 7 first pick birds all won a prize.
From 2,369 yearlings the first to pick birds won 15th and 28th. (6/12).

Raadselachtig (08/05/2010 )

Door een operatie aan mijn hand moet ik me beperken in mijn (type) activiteiten.
Toch nog dit. 
Verleden week hadden we een zeer snelle St Quentin, prijsduur amper 6 minuten. De duiven vielen als zaad maar tot mijn verbazing verloor ik een zeer goede duif. Eerder  vloog ze met een hokgenoot nog 2 minuten vooruit met tegenwind en waren die 2 duifjes de snelste van de lossing en wonnen 1 en 2 tegen 7.320 duiven. 
Gisterenavond werd me veel duidelijk. Zowat iedereen kreeg een of meerdere duiven gewond of zwaar gewond thuis hoorde ik. 
Het kan amper anders of ze moeten die kwetsuren bij de lossing hebben opgelopen of daar zijn verongelukt. 
Vroeger waren er lossingsverslagen in het NP Orgaan. 
Nu vrees ik dat we nooit zullen weten wat die duiven is overkomen.

Result last Saturday (02/05/2010 )

Saturday May 1st we had a very fast race from St Quentin. 6 Minutes after the 1st prize winner no prizes were to be won which means that one third of the bird was home.
I won 1st prize regional (453 p) and 16 prizes from 27 birds 1:4.
In the combine (1,170 birds) I was only some seconds after the 1st prize. So 2nd from 1,170 p.
The bad news is that I lost the winner of a few weeks ago against 7,230 birds in hard weather.
In my Belgian loft I entered 11 yearlings and 9 of them won a prize in Fed Union Antwerp/ZAV. Regionally I was 1st.
From 13 old birds I also won 9 prizes which means 18 prizes from 24 birds.

Results April 24th (24/04/2010 )

Today we had a race from St Quentin in real nice weather. 
The result was good but not as sensational as in previous races. 
In the combine were 1.204 pigeons. 
I entered 29. No less than 21 of them won a prize 1:4. 
12 birds won a prize 1:10. 

Result April 17 (17/04/2010 )

Today we had again a race from Pommeroeil.  Bright headwinds.
Regionally 449 birds were entered.
I entered 26 birds. No less than 21  won a prize 1:4. 
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23,24, 26 and so on. 
In the Combine 1,119 birds were in competition.
I won:
2, 7, 8, 9, 15, 22, 31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 40 and so on. 
I entered 26 birds and won 21 prizes. After my 21st bird still 100 prizes were to be won (1 per 4).
17 of my 26 birds won 1:10.
13 birds (from the 26 I entered) won 1:25, so in the first 4%  
09-585 now won 7th from 1,119 pigeons, beaten by 3 loft mates.
So far we had 3 races: My best bird won 1st, 2nd, 4th (beaten by loft mates). 

Result 10-04 (11/04/2010 )

Yesterday the whole country started the new season:
I entered 24 birds.
Regional 404 birds I won: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 28, 29, 30.
18 prizes total. After my 18th bird (from 24) still 78 prizes were to be won.
Combine 991 birds: I won: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 32 (18 prizes total from 24 birds). After my 18th bird still 141 prizes were to be won.
Of the total release 7,235 birds: I won 1, 2, 5, 6 and so on.
My 12th bird (from 24) won 104th prize which means 1 per 70 !!

Further info.
The bird that won 2nd from 7,235 birds (09-528) was home first but registered one minute too late. 
Father: 05-1490893, son of Invincible.
Mother: 06-2160877, daughter of 95-2067230 (br. Ace Four) x 01-067 (New Sissi)
The bird that won 1st from 7,235 birds is from 01-106 (Son Invincible) x 07-348 which is also a daughter of 95-2067230.
The bird that won 3rd in Combine (991 p) and was beaten by loft mates only and that won from 5th from 7,235 birds is 09-558.
Last year 558 won 1st Nijvel 558 p and 1st 1,205 p.
09-558 is daughter Super 306 (02-0236306) x 06-357 (Sister Goudhaantje that was best Olympiad bird). 
The bird that won 4th in Combine (991 p) and was beaten by loftmates only is 08-585. She won 6th from 7,235 pigeons.
In 2009 she already won:
Strombeek 7,720 p - 1*.
Morlincourt 6.821 p - 1 (fastest 27,242 p) 
Strombeek 396 - 1
Strombeek 923 p - 2 
Her father is 07-341 (of 98-191 Invincible x 05-773 of 95-230 x New Sissi).
The mother of 585 is 08-652 (off 05-226 x 05-224).
652 is now in the loft of J Hermans/Miel v d Branden.

Hieronder de pedigrees van de 2 duiven die op 10 april 2010 de twee snelste duiven van de lossing waren van Pommeroeil en 1 en 2 wonnen van 7,235 duiven. 
Below the peds of the birds that were fastest of the whole release and won 1st and 2nd from 7,235 p.

The weather (08/04/2010 )

Last week for most clubs the season started.
For the north of Belgium that was a race from Quievrain (from 100 to appr 130 kms).
It was a very bad race for the clubs in the western part of the province. After 50 minutes only one third of the birds were home. 
For clubs that are located 25 km more East the same race went smoothly. The birds in that area flew no less than 300 meters per minute "faster" that the birds in the west. 
The late champion Goris used to say "short distance races are only fair when they are local races. A location 5 kms more East or West can make all the difference.

Seizoen van start. (04/04/2010 )

3 April hadden we onze eerste officiele vlucht uit Nijvel.
Koud guur weer, aanhoudende regen en een pittige ZO wind waren oorzaak van een stroef verloop.
De verschillen in verloop waren ook genant. "Mijn" club ligt helemaal Zuid Oost.
De eerste prijswinnaar zou in sommige meer westelijk gelegen plaatsen amper prijs gewonnen hebben. Het concours stond ook dramatisch lang open, 25 minuten.
Er zijn clubs waar men 15 km verder speelt (Noordwestkant) en... die 10 minuten eerder sloten.
Ranne Goris zei dat vitesse een dorpsspel is. Vroeger met zo veel meer liefhebbers kon dit.
Tegenwoordig is het vaak "heden ik, morgen gij".
Het goede nieuws is dat er geen verliezen waren.
Quievrain in Belgie vandaag verliep ook dramatisch slecht met plaatselijk een concoursduur van een klein uur voor ruim 100 km. Normaal is dat enkele minuten.  

The smash (25/03/2010 )

The one loft race from Tenerife (Derby Arona) 2010 became a smash such as seldom happened. 
The media keep silent about it, they do not want negative news, but I doubt if this is 
Of some 1000s of birds 425 pigeons were left.
Those 425 pigeons were released last Saturday from a distance of hardly 300 kms.
Saturday: 0 birds home.
Sunday: 6 birds home.
Monday: 3 birds home.
Tuesday 2 birds home.
Wednesday: 1 bird home.
So from 425 birds more than 400 were missing after 5 days.
Probably most of them were drowned in the sea.
I wonder if the Belgians and Dutch that took the plane to watch the home coming of the birds had a good time.
And the man who is in charge, Mr Ledesma?
He said in future he would train the birds more.
He just does not seem capable to do the job. 

Officieuze start (21/03/2010 )

Dit weekend is er her en der voor het eerst gespeeld, zij het niet officieel. 
Voor zaterdag werd slecht weer voorspeld maar toch werd het een vrij mooie dag.
In Tilburg haalde de winnende duif bijna 2.000 mpm.
Voor zondag hadden de weergoden beter weer in petto maar nu was het slecht. De Belgen stelden alle vluchten uit tot maandag behalve een vlucht uit Merchtem. Daar werd om 15.30 uur gelost voor een zeer trage vlucht. 
In Samenspel Groot Brecht vloog slechts EEN jaarling "sneller" dan 800 mpm voor een vluchtje van amper 50 km.  
Bijna 2.000 mpm en ruim 800 mpm is een schrijnend verschil.
Schrijnend is ook het verloop van de One Loft Race in Tenerife.
Raakte er gisteren niet een duif thuis van amper 300 kilometer, vandaag zijn er dat welgeteld 4 (van 425 overgebleven duiven). 
Op hun site spreekt men van "de elite van de wereld" en 220.000 e uit te betalen in 2011. 
Ik vrees echter het ergste voor 2011 en organisator Ledesma. 
Van duizenden duiven die werden ingestuurd na 2 dagen amper 4 duiven thuis? 
Rampzaliger kan het niet.
Duiven mijden tijdens het vliegen water zo veel mogelijk, ik schrijf dat vaker. 
Waarom ze daartoe verplichten zoals men in Tenerife doet?
Zijn wij duivenLIEFHEBBERS of op geld beluste niets ontziende goudzoekers? 
Ik denk nog steeds het eerste en van mij mag men vluchten over zee METEEN verbieden.
Veel van die vluchten zijn een schande voor de sport!

A catastrophe (21/03/2010 )

Yesterday March 20th the one loft race "Derby Arona" took place.
425 young birds were released in Fuertaventura at 8.10 a.m.
Distance 300 kilometres.
The birds had to cross the water, they had the wind ahead.
It seems the races will be a catastrophe! 
On the day not even one bird had returned home. 
They could not even handle a speed of 40 kms per hour.
Shouldn"t such races across the water be stopped?
Pigeons should at least have a chance to survive but their fate is to drown!

Mysterie of? (13/03/2010 )

Eerder schreef ik ergens dat warmte enorm veel doet om duiven opnieuw vruchtbaar te maken of langer te doen bevruchten.
Onderzoeken in Amerika onderschrijven dat.
Eerder schreef ik ook over een vijftal voorbeelden van duiven die bij bij niet meer bevruchten of legden maar dat weer wel begonnen te doen toen ik ze in Belgie onderbracht op een hok dat altijd warm aanvoelt.
Van een van de beste duiven die ik ooit had, de 191, van wie je bij helder weer en tegenwind al na de lossing wist dat die de 1e zou winnen waren de laatste 12 eieren onbevrucht.
Diens laatste 6 koppels (12 eieren) waren allemaal onbevrucht. 
Ik zei mensen die er jongen van wilden daarom ook dat hij niet meer bevruchtte.
Wat die later mogelijk denken weet ik niet maar ik bracht hem naar dat hok in Belgie en hij ligt nu met 2 jongen.
Slimme Falco merkte op dat het in de zomer van 2009 toch ook warm was?
Maar mijn kwekers zitten op een hokje waar geen zon in valt.
Is het een combinatie van zonlicht EN warmte?
Interessante vraag.
Zeker lijkt me dat het hok veel meer invloed heeft dan medicijnen e.d. wat betreft vruchtbaarheid.

Fertilizer (12/03/2010 )

In pigeon magazine De Duif I wrote that birds that seem to be infertile often start breeding again "as usual" when you put them in a warm environment. 
It works better than pills, powders or needling I experienced. 
One of the best birds I ever had was 98-191 (Invincible) that was 2nd National Ace ALL Holland in 2000.
When the weather was bright and the wind ahead I knew this bird would win first prize directly after the release.
Therefore you can imagine how I felt in 2009.
The last 12 eggs off 191 were not filled.
"98-191 is not fertile" I told friends last year. 
In 2010 I put it in another (warm) loft, "nothing to lose" I thougth and guess what?
Eggs are filled now!
Hopefully more will follow.

Licht en donker (15/02/2010 )

Vandaag de dag wordt veel gesproken en geschreven over manipuleren met licht en donker in onze sport.
Welk een impact licht en donker heeft op de natuur en dus ook op duiven blijkt uit het volgende:
Begin december was het erg zacht maar de dagen waren kort.
En de natuur sliep. Geen vogel dacht er aan te fluiten laat staan te paren.
Begin Februari was het ijzig koud en guur.
Onaangenamer weer was amper denkbaar.
Maar toch zag ik 2 koppels houtduiven paren, had een eend eieren en zag ik een ekster aanstalten maken zijn nest te maken.
Omdat de lente in zicht is natuurlijk, maar weten die vogels veel.
Waarom ze ondanks het barre winterweer dan toch paren in tegenstelling tot enkele maanden terug toen het veel zachter was? 
Vanwege langer wordende dagen.
De impact van licht en donker op de natuur en dus ook onze duiven is ENORM!
Voor de liefhebbers iets om over na te denken. 


Duivendiefstallen Pigeon thefts (05/02/2010 )

Het is bekend, de Roemeen die bij Eric Berckmoes duiven wilde stelen en op heterdaad werd betrapt zit al een half jaar vast.
En sindsdien is nog amper een duif gestolen.
Meer dan waarschijnlijk is sprake van een netwerk en zou veel snel opgelost zijn als... de Roemeen wilde praten.
Maar hij doet zijn mond niet open.
We kregen daarover een mail uit jawel, Roemenie. "Jullie zijn te soft, zet hem in een gevangenis bij ons en hij zou wel praten" mailde hij.
Belgie en meer nog Nederland zijn de landen van draaideur criminelen. Vandaag vast (met pc, sport, drugs en vrouwen) en morgen weer los. 
The Rumanian who tried to steal birds from Berckmoes was caught in the act and was jailed for 1/2 year.
And since then hardly any pigeon was stolen.
Most probably he is part of a network, things might be solved soon but there is a little problem. The Rumanian thief does not talk. 
We got a mail about this matter from... Rumania. 
"It is all your own fault" he said. "You are too soft, your prisons are like hotels."
Put him in a prison in Rumania and he would be glad he could talk! 


A scandal or? (30/01/2010 )

Today, January 30th 2010 the 14th One Million Dollar race was held in South Africa.
Of the 4.824 brds that were entered 3.155 were left. 
It was a nice race, 560 kms, 23 C clear and calm headwinds.
The winner was from the Tsjech Republik: "Team Klemens".  They entered 36 birds.
Koopman won 5th. He is said to have entered 75 birds, Eyerkamp ended 6th. 
3,5 Hours after the race more than 3,000 of the 3,155 birds had not got home yet. 
The organisers spoke about a great succes, a fantastic race and so on. 
If such a race with so many losses would take place in Holland or Belgium they would talk about a catastrophe.    

Buy cheaper. Koop goedkoper (29/01/2010 )


Kopen via een bon is meestal een stuk goedkoper dan rechtstreeks bij de liefhebber aankloppen.
Zo zijn er nog enkele dagen bonnen on line van zeer bekende en zeer goede liefhebbers aan tot op heden matige prijzen.
Ga naar:
Klik: Duivenverkoop.
Klik: Bonverkoop Sint Job.
Dan krijgt U een aantal namen waaronder beroemde waarop U kan bieden voor een jonge duif 2010. Verkoop loopt nog enkele dagen.
Deze site is in Nederland veel te weinig bekend.
Buying a young bird by means of a voucher is mostly far much cheaper than buying directly from the fancier.
Look at:
click > duivenverkoop > Then click > Bonverkoop St Job.
Now you see famous names and names of fanciers with good birds who donate a voucher for a 2010 bird. Prices are (very) reasonable in many cases so Far!
This online auction is still on for a couple of days.

Hoe kan dat nu? (22/01/2010 )

Vandaag sprak ik, laat ik hem Jansen noemen. 
Die had enkele duifjes verkocht aan een Duitser voor 200 e per stuk. 
Die Duitser nu zette die op internet onder de naam Jansen, die brachten 4.000 e op en Jansen kreeg, samen met een aantal landgenoten een brief van de KBDB dat hij aan hen 3% moest afdragen. 
De KBDB heeft namelijk die regel voor een verkoop. Met die 3% zou men duivensport proberen te bevorderen, overigens nog weinig van gezien, maar dat terzijde. 
De brave Zuiderbuur heeft zijn 3% betaald maar hield er een slecht gevoel aan over. Misschien had hij de duiven over moeten laten schrijven? 
Toch vrees is dat hier nog eens brokken van komen. 
Even goed kan een Belg een pieper voor niets schenken of als bon.
Stel dat wordt bij de nieuwe eigenaar een super vlieger, die verkoopt die op Internet voor bv 10.000 e dan zit de nobele schenker met de gebakken peren.
De man is eerst zo goed een bon te schenken of iemand te helpen en nadien krijgt hij de rekening gepresenteerd. 
Beetje vreemd toch. 



Best grappig (17/01/2010 )

Kreeg een mailtje van iemand die op 15-1-2010 gehoord had dat in mijn logbook stond dat een jong (!) duifje zopas verkocht was voor 9,600 euro.
"Dat kon toch niet voor een jonge duif" schreef hij, er aan toevoegend, "zeg dat het niet waar is".
Hij had gelijk, het WAS niet waar, Het was 96.000 euro.
Dus niet voor een of andere wonderduif of Internationale Barcelona winnaar maar voor een jong onbevlogen duifje. (Koper was Veenstra).
Het zusje bracht trouwens heel wat minder op, nog geen 40.000 e. (;-).

Another record (15/01/2010 )

It is well known that the number of fanciers gets down dramatically year after year
in Holland, Belgium, Germany and England and fanciers get older.
But the money that is paid for pigeons also raises dramatically.
Last weekend a round of 2009 birds (so babies) from Mr Jan Hooymans was auctioned by De Duif.
The most expensive bird was sold for 96,000 euro a world record for a baby.
The buyer was P Veenstra, he won the fight for thisd birds from his friend Koopman. 
The brother of this hen (also a baby) was sold for 36,000 e.   
These amounts of moeny were not paid for a super racer, a national winner or a proven breeder but for just babies. It must be said though they are brother and sister of some miracle birds.
Hooymans is a new star in pigeonsport with sensational results in 2009.
Congratulations to him and auctioneer JH. Room auctions certainly are not dead yet.

Father Koopman passed away (14/01/2010 )

We got the sad news that Cornelis Koopman, the father of Gerard, passed away January 10th 2010. 
He was born May 31st 1915 and was married for 64 years.
He was at a blessed aged but death always comes too soon. 
Our sincere conolances the whole family !   

No birds for sale (09/01/2010 )

I am sorry but for 2010 no birds are for sale.
The only possibility is bid on a voucher for a 2010 bird that I donated for my club. 
One can bid by email to
Deadline of the auction is February 4th 2010.
Asian fanciers should contact Ms Maggie Ku. > 
+ 886 912 496 188 

Is that it? (09/01/2010 )

A friend from the Arab Emirates proudly told me that the bird with which he participated in the One Million Dollar Race in Sun City in South Africa, took 16th position after 17 races January 8th 2010). 
He had reason to be proud since no less that 4,377 birds from all over the world participated.
The Germans have even more reason to be proud. As usual they dominate this event again this year (so far!).
They took 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 13th place.
And I know most of these Germans ship babies that are about 3 months old while most others ship them as 4 or 6 weeks" old only.
Kiddingly I asked my friend if he also shipped the bird that does so well from him at such a high age.
That was a fact indeed.
The bird had even flown around his loft for over a month before it was put on the plane to South Africa.
Food for thought!

The BIG race? (07/01/2010 )

No less than 4,824 pigeons from all over the world were shipped to S Africa in the fall of 2009 to participate in the 14th one million dollar race.
Entry fee: 1,000 USD per bird. 
In January 2010 there were 1,412 pigeons less. Lost, dead? Who knows.
The Belgians shipped 507 birds, 323 are still there.
Filip Norman alone sent about 60 birds, but 60,000 USD is pea nuts for him.
So far the Dutch and Belgian birds did not do to good.
The final race is January 30rd and then things may change. 
It is a matter of seconds then in which much money can be won or lost. 
People who can only win are the middlemen who collect birds!     

So called naked breasts (01/01/2010 )

Depluming of a pigeons" breast is a serious problem for some of us.
The cause was very controversial but now most specialists agree that it is caused by a Fungi and very hard to treat. 
Mr Don Riedel from the USA is almost sure to have found a solution. 
Acidified Copper Sulfate is the answer of the problem he claims:
One tea spoon per 5 gallons of bath water. 
Thanks Mr Riedel. Of you are right indeed you helped many fanciers!  

Is Copper Sulfate the answer to this problem?


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